Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

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Single Review: Elli Ingram – ‘All Caught Up’

1 min read

Sexy, soulful singer song-writer Elli Ingram reveals her latest single All Caught Up from EP The Doghouse. It is hip shaking jazzy goodness, wrapped in swag and delivered to your ears in a delicious 5 minute package.

ElliIngram-AllCaughtUpAll Caught Up wastes no time, from the start Ingram’s distinctive voice is front and centre. She very much has her own sound, but it is not dissimilar to Amy Winehouse in its conspicuous qualities. This song has a brilliant musical offering, when the saxophone emerges this tracks steps up to a whole new level, it is this and the tactical semi-instrumental moments placed throughout that keep you on your toes.

Ingram has a voracious tonal quality and you really fall into the song’s tale. I found it difficult to sit still as the dominating pace draws you through all five minutes. Funky to the very end, this Brighton girl is someone to keep an eye on – she’s tremendously talented. With that, you can’t deny All Caught Up is a quality tune and absolutely worth a listen.