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Single Review: Eik feat. Laika – ‘Beam Me Up’

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When it comes to the dancefloor, the choice of songs a DJ might play is of course crucial to anybody having fun. However these days, it seems that nightclubs are all fed the same selected/popular playlist of songs.

EikBeamMeUpYou get your dose of Calvin Harris, a healthy fix of Skrillex and a good portion of pop wonders like Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake is guaranteed. However, millions of unknown bands and even more great songs go by unnoticed when given the chance in a nightclub, they could go down a right treat. Eik are one of the bands and Beam Me Up is one of those songs.

Indeed Beam Me Up, a collaboration between the Norwegian electronica duo and vocalist Laika, the scandinavian ‘queen of electro pop, is what could be considered a dancefloor stomper with extreme poppy melodies shifting the song into a potential dance hit.

Although very repetitious, a trait that gets in the way of the song being a classic, the housey keyboards, jittery beats and worbling synths decorate the track infectiously as Laika croons in her signature soft, deep voice “Beam me up for a solar system party”.

Whatever party you’re at, in this solar system or beyond, you’d be sure to find yourself bopping along to Beam Me Up, at least as a perfect warm-up for Gaga.