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Single Review: Deorro – ‘Five More Hours’ (feat. Chris Brown)

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Five More Hours isn’t exactly a new track. Deorro originally released it under the title Five Hours in 2014 as an instrumental, so in a sense this is a remix version featuring Chris Brown. As such, the question is whether it stands up to the original mix or not.

Deorro Five More HoursIt’s got all the makings of a great dance song. The beat’s pretty standard for the style, as is the funky synthetic bass line, but the interesting melody and chopped vocals that loop over the chorus give it more flavour. The only change between Five More Hours and Five Hours is the shorter run time, with two minutes being chopped off. Rather than a proper remix of the instrumental, it reads like a radio edit instead.

The real addition here is the Chris Brown feature. He moves from singing in his normal range into his falsetto and some well-placed talking for the chorus, and he sounds perfectly in tune with the instrumental, so the addition does enough to the song to make it at least feel as good as it did before. The lyrics aren’t anything special, mostly consisting of Chris Brown’s attempts to pick up a girl, but they fit the mood of the song well enough.

While these remixes are a pretty common occurrence, it seems like an odd move to put one out in this case. It helps the song sound a little more consumable in a radio format, leaving the original version as a mix for clubs instead. The song doesn’t gain a whole lot of benefit from being chopped almost in half and gaining Chris Brown’s vocals. Five More Hours is still a solid dance song, but all the changes do is make it blend into the sea of new dance music rather than help it stand out.