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Single Review: Delta Goodrem – ‘Only Human’

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Say what you like about Delta Goodrem, but this woman is one of the most talented female acts Australia has ever produced. Her voice is mesmerising, almost too perfect for pop music, she is more stunningly beautiful than most of the worlds top models and whether or not you “like” her, she quite clearly has a beautiful heart. The Voice Australia thrust the young woman back into the spotlight and she became an easy target for the internet trolls, picking apart her every move, outfit and opinion. She’s had it tough, and with her new single Delta is reminding us that she is Only Human.

Delta Goodrem Only HumanOnly Human is the first single from the star since 2012’s Child Of The Universe. Moving away from the uber girly pop sound of Sitting On Top Of The World, Only Human is Delta at her best. The gorgeous piano ballad is more in the vein of Florence & The Machine or London Grammar – a style that sits perfectly on her.

Her voice has matured, and she is more comfortable letting a few cracks show – making the performance all the more beautiful. The somber nature of the song speaks about the heartbreak of giving up when trying your hardest is never enough. I’ve given my heart and can’t get it back. / I’ve had too many knives thrown at my back. / Wouldn’t it be easy to throw it all away? / Wouldn’t it be easy to call it a day? / How do you love when you’re broken? / I’ve had enough, I’m only human.

Only Human feels deeply personal and real. In the past where Delta has seemingly tried to sound like a pop star, which was always hit and miss for her, here she is just doing what she does best. Piano. Vocals. Heart. Stylistically it would fit in well among the current sounds of John Legend or Emeli Sande and if this is the direction Delta’s new album is going we are in for one hell of a comeback.