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Single Review: Def Leppard – ‘Let’s Go’

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Nearly seven years since their last album release, rock superstars Def Leppard are gearing up for the next record. Ahead of the self-titled Def Leppard, set for release on October 30th, the band have released their latest single Let’s Go. Their first self-titled album, so named because Def Leppard still sound, well, exactly like Def Leppard. And Let’s Go is pretty much the perfect warm up for the return of the 1980’s heavyweights.

Def Leppard - Let's GoA call to arms that launches with all the rock swagger you could ask for, thankfully this one avoids the cliched call to “rock”. Opening with a slithery, effects run vocal from Joe Elliott, “Do you really really wanna do this now?” – that question is answered by a big chord hit and stadium riff that launches the song straight out of the 80’s.

And with it’s anthemic feel and mid-tempo choruses, chunky guitars and resounding percussion Let’s Go is exactly what you would expect from the band that brought us Photograph and Rock Of Ages. It is cheesy – swaggering in spandex pants under bright lights, it always was. But at the same time underpinned by undeniably excellent writing. Which is still very much in evidence on Let’s Go, it’s a classic rock song with great production. And most importantly, it may be cheesy but Let’s Go doesn’t feel outdated. There are also some interesting elements that play in; psychedelic vocal effects and acoustic guitar. A taste of things to come, according to Elliott the album mixes in more variety with the standard Leppard fare.

A battering re-entry from Def Leppard, Let’s Go should be exactly what fans will be waiting for. And with thirty years under their belts, you can’t discount the band’s ability to draw a new audience. Let’s Go is big enough and fun enough that it can stand today without leaning on old hits.