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Single Review: Coldplay – ‘Miracles’

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If Angelina Jolie decides to kidnap you so you’ll write a song for her, you know you’ve made it big. This little incident, which was revealed jokingly by Chris Martin in a recent interview is not as sinister as it sounds, with the singer probably happy to help out in providing music for the actress-come-director’s new movie, Unbroken.

unbrokenWith the films storyline based around an Olympian and War Hero caught by the Japanese during world war two, Coldplay needed to come up with something suitably heart felt and uplifting to accompany, and so they rattled their brains around and came up with new single Miracles.

With the bands recent diversion into dance music, the track is clearly still seeing the band in this mindset, but also has drawn back to earlier days and acoustic guitar rising above and setting the tone. Chris Martin’s vocals are on true form with his signature highs and lows working well against the well thought out melody.

The track actually sounds quite akin to John Mellencamp’s Jack and Diane musically, but with more soul and honesty, in place of Mellencamp’s pop and story based effort.

It has all you’d expect from a Coldplay song; simplicity and wonder, build up and flow – especially when it kicks in and the track really let’s go about two thirds of the way through. It’s a great effort by the boys, and goes to show that another way to get a good song from the band is to kidnap their lead singer.