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Single Review: Cher Lloyd – ‘Sirens’

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English singer/songwriter/rapper/model (we could have settled for multitalented) Cher Lloyd shot to fame as a contestant on the seventh series of the X Factor UK, finishing in respectable fourth place. Not too long after the show, the starlet was signed to Syco music and shortly after released her debut album Sticks and Stones in 2011, which had spawned four singles including the addictive Want U Back. Cher is back for another shot with her new album, Sorry I’m Late, due out later this month and recently signed to Epic; second single Sirens gives us another taste of what’s to come.

Cher Lloyd SirensThe track opens with a chord progression before the beat comes in with Cher’s fresh vocals, the progression and overall feel of Sirens is like a tribute to Katy Perry’s Firework; they share similarities in structure and dynamics, they begin almost like a ballad and explode into a punchy and unforgettable chorus, not to mention they fall into the same pop genre. However, there just seems to be something a little more real about Sirens; the track isn’t overbearing, there are not layers upon layers of sounds to distract you from the delivery of the song and there is just something innocent and graceful about Cher Lloyd singing a track of this nature.

There is no doubt that as Cher Lloyd continues to shine, so does her music; Sirens brings her talent home and reminds us that behind the girl there is a powerful woman of a voice. Sirens is a great track and would most likely spark curiosity between fans or first time Cher listeners about what more is to come from the starlet when Sorry I’m Late drops in the next few weeks; with songs such as this, you can bet your dollar that the album will meet expectations.