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Single Review: Carrie Underwood – ‘Little Toy Guns’

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Carrie Underwood has come a hell of a long way since winning American Idol way back in 2005. With countless awards and accolades, hit after hit and a generally ambitious career, she’s surpassed much of what you would expect for a talent show winner, and still continues to rise and grow stronger. We now see Carrie releasing new single Little Toy Guns from album Greatest Hits: Decade No. 1, and with it is revealed one of her most emotional songs to date.

CarrieunderwoodDrums and floaty guitar welcome us into the sad story track, based around hard hitting lyrics of a troubled family; focusing on a child’s view of their parents arguing – and possibly pointing towards domestic violence – the song can be difficult to take in if you truly listen. Only Carrie knows what she is singing about or hinting at, but the message of fear and anger is clear throughout.

Whatever she is trying to say, the words hit you like a sucker punch, with imagery and suggestion being rampant: ‘She’s caught on the cross fire, puts her hands over her ears, starts talking through the tears.’ Its catchy pop tones pull the song through to the end over the distressing lyrics, and makes for a pleasingly contrasting track – much more than your usual pop/country effort.

Little Toy Guns is a brave song to release as a single; it’s daring, clever and stirs up emotion inside the most hard-hearted listener. This is more than just paint-by-numbers pop, and actually lets you look inside the mind of the singer.