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Single Review: Britney Spears – ‘Perfume’

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It’s Britney, bitch. She’s back with her second single Perfume from her upcoming album Britney Jean, which will be her eighth studio album. With a music career spanning more than a decade, Britney has constantly pushed aside drama from her personal life when it comes to focussing on her music.

britney-spears-perfumePerfume gives a more intimate insight into Britney’s life than we have been given for some time, something confirmed by the singer herself. She stated that “she was inspired to dig deeper and write songs that everyone can relate too”. Perfume illustrates a relationship on the rocks; the woman is worried her boyfriend is thinking about someone else. Whilst the lyrics may demonstrate this jealousy, they can be a little on the crazy side: “I put on my perfume/Yeah I want it all over you/I’m gonna mark my territory”.

While the lyrics might be a bit, uh, “intense”, the song itself is pretty good. Vocally it would be one of Britney’s finest ballads; this is the best she’s sounded in years. The melody has one of those catchy tunes that pops up in your head when you’re not expecting it, and you want to sing it despite the lyrics.

Perfume is a good new offering from Britney and Britney Jean shows promise to become one of Britney’s better albums. However, it can be noted that these are some of the crazier song lyrics to be heard lately, and it’s not relationship advice that should be followed.

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