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Single Review: Bleachers – ‘I Wanna Get Better’

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Jack Antonoff has somewhat covertly been making waves in the music industry for the last decade or so. After cult success with indie group Steel Train, he’s scored a handful of award nominations for various collaborations and he even took home the Grammy for his part in penning the hit single We Are Young by the band ‘fun.’, for whom he played lead guitar. The real fruits of his latest project, Bleachers, are due later this year, but for now we’ve been given a taste in the form of debut single I Wanna Get Better.

Bleachers I Wanna Get BetterThe track, for the most part, has a real urgency to it – like pop rock on speed. But just as a human ball of energy can become overwhelming, the busyness of the verses in I Wanna Get Better, with their erratic loops bouncing off the walls, wears one down a bit. The chorus, though, is a redeemer; while I find it hard to relax into the song at other points, the big hook brings it home. It’s one of those easy-to-love, anthemic vocals – another good fit for any summery playlist.

I Wanna Get Better doesn’t have the same instant grab as the aforementioned We Are Young, nor do I believe it has the same award-winning potential, but it makes up for what it might lack in fervour. It shows too that there is probably plenty to look forward to with Bleachers’ forthcoming debut album – the enthusiasm is clearly there, and so are the credentials, I just hope that Antonoff can keep a check on his excitement for this new project, as that’s what seemed to be holding this track back a bit.