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Single Review: Best Coast – ‘Heaven Sent’

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Best Coast have been serving up delicious, over-saturated pop tunes since 2009. Their formula hasn’t changed much over the six years since, but then again, it hasn’t had to. There are many riches to be mined from the caverns of upbeat fuzz-pop, and Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno seem determined to unearth every last one. These aren’t musicians who are going to waste time making tonal left turns for the sake of it; these are musicians at the top of their game, so obviously making the kind of music they want to make.

Best Coast - California NightsIn that way, Heaven Sent is exactly what one would expect from Best Coast. The single’s got a rich, sun-bleached sound; a driving drum beat; a bittersweet, fuzzy guitar line; and Cosentino’s wide-eyed, touching vocals. The lyrics are, as ever, shaped and driven by an idealistic optimism; the track is a love song, after all, and an infectious one as that.

The track owes wide-reaching, typically Best Coast debts to Phil Spector; Weezer; Loretta Lynn; My Bloody Valentine, et al. But the tapestry of influences is masterfully spun, and the track ultimately bursts with the force of Cosentino and Bruno’s vision.

So, is Heaven Sent going to surprise Best Coast fans? No. Is it a departure from their previous sound? Not at all. But does that matter? Not in the slightest.