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Single Review: Beck – ‘Dreams’

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After the huge success of Beck’s last album Morning Phase (even managing to draw a dig from king of idiocy Kanye West himself, so you know it’s good), Beck, being Beck, has decided to change things up again entirely. Gone is the slow, folky and beautiful nature of the Morning Phase, and back is the big, bold and brash, pop-laden beats.

Beck DreamsStraight away it feels as though the singer is letting off some steam from his previous album, and sounds like he’s really missed having fun. Testing if he’s still got it, Beck takes us on a journey of wonder, as he bounces around from sound to sound, bringing in big beats, drops and pop chords that have no regrets or make no apologies.

It’s unmistakeably Beck, but with a slightly more ordinary structure for this type of song than Beck has done in the past – probably a hangover from the Morning Phase record. This actually works to its benefit, making the track tighter, and really lights up the chorus with a clever stop before punching you in the face with its massive hooks.

At five minutes long, the track allows Beck to try little bits and pieces of improvisation in only the way he can, and it makes the song much more interesting than a run-of-the-mill pop tune. Beck is still an artist that knows how to keep things fresh by chopping and changing, and Dreams is testament to his durability and musical mutation.