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Single Review: Audien – ‘Something Better’ feat. Lady Antebellum

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For those of you who haven’t heard of Audien (real name Nate Rathbun), he’s kind of a big deal in the EDM market. His popularity blew up with the remix of Bastille’s Pompeii and he’s been gaining accolades ever since. And to push himself even further into the stratosphere, new single Something Better sees the artist enlist the help of country superstars Lady Antebellum on vocal duties.

audien something betterThe track starts off with gentle piano and you can feel the beat as it builds into familiar dance territory. The lyrics may be cliché and the rhythms nothing magical, but that’s not where the strength in this track lies; where it lies is the enticing way the vocals warm everything up. Lady Antebellum are the perfect contrast for this sort of song; the cold, rhythmic, precise beat is brought to life with the country vocals, and instantly bring colour to a pretty standard backing track.

Clipped chorus synths do give the song a bit of an edge with a good use of silences, and this is again used perfectly in conjunction with the fine vocal work. The track feels like it comes alive against Lady Antebellum’s influence, and instead of just having a pulse, the song is given a heart.

Something Better shows how well Audien chooses which artists fit which pieces of his work, and it ‘s a great example of just how influential a certain vocals can be in bringing a song up from something mediocre, to something that will rock the clubs till the dawn.