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Single Review: Anna Calvi – ‘Eliza’

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When art rock songstress Anna Calvi first hit the scene in 2010, the world seemed ready to welcome her brand of vintage tinged indie with open arms. Her charming self titled debut album in 2011 was met with widespread critical acclaim as Calvi found herself nominated BBC’s Sound Of 2011 poll and the UK’s most prestigious of music awards, the Mercury Music Prize.

AnnaCalviElizaIt is indeed fitting then, that forthcoming sophomore LP One Breath is met with the kind of hype and curiosity that has seen many a band fail to cut the mustard in the unending battle that is musical longevity. Thankfully, taster song Eliza puts these worries firmly to bed. The first single to precede the album is a galloping and cinematic effort that see’s the smokey eyed singer croon longingly “So hold me up, hold me up, if only I could be you” in a somewhat haunting manner as her deep voice breaks and cracks over yelps of “Eliza!”. This dark and brooding vocal over reverb drenched guitars and shimmering synthesizers creates a sinister and awesome track. Its a bit of a departure from the debut album’s more traditional approach but the retro charm is still there.

A different edge perhaps, but if Eliza is anything to go by, the change wont be enough to deter any older fans or, in fact, win some more.