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Single Review: Angus & Julia Stone – All This Love

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At our traditional Australia Day BBQ this year, hosted by my sausage cooking vegetarian bestie Erica, conversation turned towards Music. Erica’s lovely mother Anne who never has anything but a kind word to say, posed the question “How can you write about music?” to which I started explaining well, it’s easy. But the table giggled in agreement and teased me that most people hear a song and think “I like it” or “I don’t” and that’s about it. So it got me thinking, what actually is it that I find so easy to write about? And please indulge my inner hippie, but the simple answer is that music makes you feel something. It’s not really the music I’m writing about, but more often than not the way it makes me feel. And nothing makes you feel more than a fantastic Angus & Julia Stone song, and their new single All This Love is the perfect example.

Angus And Julia Stone All This LoveAll This Love is bursting at the seams with feeling. Light, melodic and happy, it washes over you until you can’t help but smile. Julia’s voice is heavenly as always and Angus is nothing if not the perfect accompaniment. It opens with a folky little guitar intro, the foot tapping drums quickly providing the build and pace that ups the ante. It warms my cold and blackened heart with lyrics drowning in sincerity that are so damn hopeful I could cry or you know, call my ex. All of me is all for you / You’re all I see / All of me is all for you / You’re all I need / There’s all this love if you need it / There’s all this love if you need it now. In a slight move away from monster tracks Big Jet Plane or Paper Aeroplane, All This Love embraces everything simple and sweet. It is pure joy, void of any negativity or complication and a must for any summer BBQ playlist or sunny road trip singalong. Love you Angus. Love you Julia. Love you everyone.