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Single Review: Angel-‘Us’

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Angel has one of those flexible R&B voices, where he could sing the entire vocal scale without fault. He first showcased this in his 2012 mix tape Any Minute Now, comprised of covers of Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Prince and more.  He became popular later that year when his single Wonderful reached the number one spot on the UK R&B singles chart. While he’s mostly become popular on a national level, his new single Us proves he’s ready to be a household name.

Angel - UsThe slower tempo verses muffle the instrumentals, allowing emotion only through slightly clichéd lyrics like “If you feel like you’re falling don’t lose hope, you’ll get back up”. This then contrasts with heavy instrumentals and the addition of backup singers to keep you hooked. The lead up to the chorus is better than the chorus itself, with verses playing three different beats simultaneously, somehow synchronizing a slow drum beat, a rock guitar riff, a soulful trumpet and a pop synth. This could seem jumbled were it not for Angel’s smooth, soulful voice cutting through.

The song is complex in a way that manages to come together in almost every aspect, making his songwriter and composer history clear. While the lyrics are consistent, the speed and instrumentals change to the point where it sounds like a different song multiple times, but he’s able to create continuity with his flowing, Usher-esque voice.