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Single Review: Amber Run – ‘Spark’

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Having recently signed to RCA Records, young Nottinghamshire-based band Amber Run have released brand new single Spark. Having had previously released singles Noah and Heaven receive continued support from radio stations in the UK,  the excitement for the music Amber Run is creating is clear to see. The boys are currently tucked away in the studio recording their debut album (due for release later this year), but have released Spark to continue this momentum for the new albums release.

AmberRun-SparkSpark is a blend of tuneful, alternative indie-pop, with epic soundscapes and that sort of musical tension Mumford & Sons have become famous for creating.The song begins with a Coldplay-esque piano and vocal arrangement, with the guitar underlying, waiting explode into action. The vocals soulfully float around until the drums roll in and Spark begins to take its shape. The chorus slightly breaks down proceedings, and at times is repetitive with the line “Let the light in” ringing around without too much optimism.

The music generally plays second fiddle to the vocals and this seems to be the case for the entirety of the song. That is until the guitars explode into life and create a stadium worthy wall of melodies and rhythms to round Spark out. Is easy to imagine this in front of an audience of thousands.

Overall it’s a great effort from Amber Run and no wonder why the excitement is buzzing for the new record. If their ambitions are as big as their sound can be, they could well be on their way.