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Single Review: Alesha Dixon – ‘The Way We Are’

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Alesha has been keeping her face firmly in the public eye by performing judging duties on Britain’s Got Talent, and now she returns to her musical roots with her first material since 2011 with new single The Way We Are.

Alesha Dixon The Way We AreNo stranger to the ups and downs of showbiz, the singer has had hits and misses with her solo career; this, I believe, has led to Alesha taking everything with a pinch of salt. She shows a more relaxed demeanour on the new single, but the problem is, it’s maybe a little too relaxed. The first thing you notice is the song doesn’t really test Alesha’s vocals; we’ve seen in the past how she can master vocal techniques others may find hard, but she plays it safe with this track. This seems to take away from her individuality and almost makes the verse feel a little bland.

The chorus does swing things back in her favour, however, with it’s crisp summertime beats and sense of fun and freedom. Horns added on the top give it another dimension and bring the melody out of its shell.

Overall, The Way We Are feels like it’s missing something. Whether it’s an extra riff, another hook, or just the attitude of early Alesha work is a question of opinion, but it just feels like it doesn’t get out of third gear. Alesha has good songs in her as she has shown in the past; now she just needs to look inside herself again and focus completely on the music to find out what’s missing.