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Single Review: 50 Cent – ‘Get Low’ (feat. Jeremih, T.I & 2 Chainz)

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50 Cent is back and in good timing too: if you haven’t seen the news he recently landed himself in financial trouble after being sued for a hefty multimillion dollar fortune, but the rapper won’t let that get in his way. Returning to the charts to earn back his keep, his latest single Get Low is the first to be derived from his upcoming album Street King Immortal and he’s bringing in the big guns; Jeremih, T.I and 2 Chainz.

Get Low - 50 CentGet Low follows the seemingly strict formula of modern day hip-hop, gone are the days when rappers like ‘Fiddy’ revolutionised the genre and paved the way for others, now he’s trying to keep up. Predictably written about a girl on the pole (euphemism or not, it’s unoriginal), Jeremih sings the just memorable hook, 2 Chainz’ contribution was short-lived and irritating whilst T.I joins the competition on who can say ‘b*tch’ the most in their verse. For a 50 Cent track, you don’t hear much from him, he takes the back seat and allows his collaborators to carry the song.

Get Low is a bit of a disappointment, even with the array of featured artists putting in their few cents’ worth you grow bored easily. The lyrics are hardly challenging and immensely predictable, for a former trailblazer 50 Cent has lost his touch and we were hoping for something better since his Animal Ambition album. Rap makes an art out of the spoken or spitted word, but when it sounds like ramble and you tune out quite easily calling it an art is an overstatement; Get Low will lose your attention, sorry 50 but you’ve hit a miss.