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Album Review: Prince Royce – Double Vision

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We all get that adrenaline rush when we try something new, this is exactly what is happening for Latin singer/songwriter Prince Royce. Having released three studio albums already he’s already been on the scene, but he hasn’t released an album primarily in the English language until now, with his latest album Double Vision. Having already broken into the world of Latin music he feels as ready as ever to branch out and take his career to the next level, thus working with star studded featured artists and producers to deliver a new sound. Let’s have a look at Prince Royce’s new direction with Double Vision.

Prince Royce - Double VisionsThe beat-heavy Stuck On A Feeling features Snoop Dogg and the pair share an undeniable chemistry with the pop meets Urban vibe. At first you would think that Handcuffs was going to be a smooth ballad, but soon it transitions into an R&B laden track with a gentle chorus; now for something a little more commercial, Back It Up reels in Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull in for a collaboration, the lyrics are mostly repetitive (except for JLO’s Spanish contribution) but it’s vibe provides a feel good feeling. Lucky One is the ballad we thought we were going to hear earlier, whereas title track Double Vision is a more dramatic track where Royce is torn between two women; Tyga’s contribution suits the track well. The relationship troubles continue with Lie To Me and the feeling of being fed up is expressed effectively through the vocal delivery and the emotive lyrics, and Kid Ink adds some dynamic to the smooth and breezy Dangerous.

It’s nice to hear something a little more raw, and Extraordinary is that track with its acoustic guitar and Royce’s intimate vocals. Seal It With A Kiss washes over you like a breeze of fresh air, besides the “oi, oi, oi” hook the majority of the track reels you in attentively with its carefree sound and appealing melody. Touching on his roots in Latin music with the trumpeted intro and the ethnically strummed guitar, There For You is a heart-throbbing serenade to the girl who owns his heart. The piano led Paris On A Sunny Day allows us to hear Prince Royce’s voice like we haven’t heard yet on this album, he delivers the vocals on a few emotional notes that touch you; closing track Chemical returns to the beat savvy vibe that we grew familiar with earlier on in the album.

Prince Royce has done a commendable job with his transition from Latin music to the mainstream, Double Vision is not only a notable reference to his career move but is also an album worth listening to and talking about. With collaborations like Pitbull and Kid Ink you would expect something generic, but even those tracks had their own sound and demonstrated a uniqueness that resonates from Royce’s music. At times the album felt a little exhausted, but each of those moments were redeemed with surprises and some decent vocal work. Prince Royce has successfully demonstrated that he can easily have the best of both worlds.