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Single Review: Phantom Limb – ‘The Pines’

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From the cool opening vocal licks that ring soulful and crisp as soon as you press the play button Phantom Limb’s latest dive into the mainstream comes in the sturdy form of the collectives new single The Pines which is set to be taken and act as lead single to the bands forthcoming record of the same name.

PhantomLimbThepinesWith the track taking on several lifeforms we are offered some powerful vocals courtesy of front woman Yolanda who sings the track with heartfelt conviction and shows spectacular vocal talent as she swings from smooth R&B textures through to some impressive belting with ease.

At first the The Pines sounds very reminiscent of the laid back crooning of Rumer but give the track a few minutes and a more modern soul vibe takes over leading us to a country coated stormer. Yolanda was brought up on musical icons including Dolly Parton and Aretha Franklin and that is exactly what has influenced this track. It is the lovechild of two powerful genres that has evolved into an eccentric and vocally diverse number with a twist and a real difference to most of what is on the circuit right now. There hasn’t been much out there taking as much of a brave and experimental approach to two very different styles and genres and certainly none that sound so fresh and exciting as this track.

The Pines ticks all the boxes in terms of being a memorable track jam packed full of quality musicianship and a booming set of vocal chords that leaves us begging for more as the number draws to a close.

Phantom Limb have been around for a few years now but haven’t released anything as commercially driven as The Pines so perhaps 2012 will be the bands breakthrough year with the release of tracks parent record in the coming months – we here at Renowned For Sound sure hope so.