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Ones To Watch: The Longing

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Photo: The PR Stable

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Members: Laura Bradley, John Huldt, Mashadi Maximus, Michael Wallace, Tom Plumb

Genre: Symphonic Metal

LA symphonic metal band, The Longing, have stamped an undeniable path of success through the prog scene this year, as they delivered the anthem for International Women’s Day and released the highly successful album, ‘Tales of Torment Deluxe’; an epic story book of no less than 18 tracks, the deluxe edition carries x4 additional, previously unreleased, bonus tracks. With previous singles scooping countless radio airplay in the UK and 18 countries worldwide, plus UK Record of the Week, as well as numerous TV and movie slots including MTV, The Cannes Film Festival and a score for William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, there’s no doubt that The Longing are highly influential force across the global prog/rock music scene.

[youtube id=”CRvCfPaVSV4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Founded by LA based musician/singer/composer, Laura Bradley, The Longing are a 5-piece band who transcend over-simplistic genre categorisation, as they hover gloriously over the void between raw progressive metal and rock. Bradley has the ability to harness the power of her trademark angelic vocals, unleashing her voice with the spectral force of an emotional whiplash – that’s what instantly brings audiences to a standstill. Fuse this with Bradley’s impeccable poetic lyrics and compositional style, which injects a jagged, rhythm-driven musical perspective, and you begin to experience the energy igniting the ever-snowballing fanbase of The Longing. The band consists of guitarists John Huldt and Mashadi Maximus, bassist Michael Wallace and drummer, Tom Plumb – all formally trained, seasoned session and touring musicians with numerous high-profile production and engineering credits.

[youtube id=”5Hly608KA6w” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Their current album, ‘Tales of Torment Deluxe’ is a masterfully crafted anthology of x18 tracks, each single-worthy in their own right, but which jigsaw together perfectly to conceive a story book of beautiful prog/rock angst. There’s an indulgent sprinkling of covers throughout this album too, as the band marries gorgeous classical orchestration with thundering symphonic metal rhythm sections and powerfully pure lyric soprano vocals, creating the true symphonic melodic book of epic fairy-tales.

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