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Ones To Watch: The Blinding Lights

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Location: London, UK

Members: Callum Lury, Jack Lury, Theo Lury, Will Lord

Genre: Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Blinding Lights are a rock’n’roll quartet from London ready to put old school, upbeat rock, back on the map. Something of a family affair, music graduate frontman, Callum (piano and vocals) is joined by his brothers Jack (lead/rhythm guitar) and Theo (drums and backing vocals) with the line-up completed by bassist and backing vocalist, Will Lord, the most recent recruit.

The Blinding Lights have been packing clubs around London (and beyond) for months, taking their name not from U2’s City of Blinding Lights as many may suspect, but as a nod to Bruce Springsteen’s 1973 song Blinded By The Light (later a chart hit for Manfred Mann’s Earth Band).

Each brings a different musical perspective: Callum was fired up by Ray Charles and The E Street Band’s Roy Bittan, after briefly toying with giving up the piano in his early teens; Theo draws from the styles of Ringo Starr, Max Weinberg, and Roger Taylor (Queen, rather than Duran Duran); Jack is a self-taught guitarist, whose influences include the eclectic mix of Nils Lofgren, Eric Johnson, Tommy Emmanuel,l and Lindsey Buckingham; and Will is steeped in jazz, while his listening habits take in not only the likes of John Coltrane, but Kendrick Lamar and David Bowie.

The Blinding Lights

Together, they believe in the power of rock music. That ability to excite, to elevate and, even, to anger – but above all, to make you feel alive.

Channelling the sounds from some of the greatest eras of raw rock and roll and untamed pop, The Blinding Lights have poured their hearts into the exhilarating new single, Can’t Get Enough. Playing around with riffs which would not have been out of place in the golden era of Motown, and shaking it up with a top layer of Steinman-style piano lines, the song is a power house in modern rock’n’roll.

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