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Ones To Watch: Ragweed

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Location: Brighton (UK)

Genre: Sludge Punk

Band Members: Tom Adamson (Vocals, Guitar) Joe Meade (Bass) Nick Spooner (Drums)

Formed in 2012 and hailing from the independent music mecca of Brighton, Ragweed have begun their career with a hard working approach of nonstop touring, packing out iconic sweat drenched Brighton venues such as the Prince Albert, to old favourites such as Islington’s Hope & Anchor, amassing a string of dedicated punk rock fans in their wake.

Their debut album ‘Parerga’, which launches 18 August, brings with it all of the characteristics you might have come to expect from their full force live shows; high impact guitars, deep, dirty basslines and gritty vocals.

The trio, made up of founder Tom Adamson (guitar & vocals), Joe Meade (Bass) and Nick Spooner (Drums) have produced a debut that is hard hitting, and walks the line between punk and metal with ease.

Never heard of ‘sludge punk’ before? Neither had we, but as front man Tom Adamson comments, it’s not as alien as you might imagine “We want to be a punk band for metal heads, and a metal band for punks, we’d like to think of it as meeting in the middle” and with a debut album that boasts heavy metal flavours, contagious riffs, and a power driving rhythm section, they’ve certainly achieved it. The band list Fugazi, Kvelertak and Bitch Alert as some of their biggest influencers, and it’s pretty evident with their artfully shambolic mix, they’re staying true to the unique genre that they’ve managed to carve out for themselves.

But how does this infectious live presence translate to the boundaries of a recording studio? Standout album tracks include Dermal Dispenser, with a riff that you’ll have trouble shifting from your brain cavity for weeks. Meanwhile, ‘George Moshington’ and ‘Divorce Reality’ showcase the band’s technical flair, with expertly crafted bass hooks which grab hold and won’t let go.

To start your education as a sludge punk aficionado, pick up your copy of the album on iTunes 18 August, and keep a look out for a live show which will finally bring together your punk rocker and metal head selves, in perfect harmony.

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Twitter: @RagweedRock

Facebook: RagweedRock

Youtube: RagweedVideo

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