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Ones To Watch: Rachael Sage

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Location: New York, USA

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

‘Myopia’ is Rachael’s 13th album since she founded her own record label MPress Records two decades ago, and it signals a departure from the piano-centric releases that we have come to expect from this musical enigma. The album instead focuses on her guitar playing with inspiring contributions from Hoboken based Guitarist James Mastro (Patti Smith, Ian Hunter) who Rachael has affectionately coined the ‘King of Wah’.

Comprised of the eponymous title track ‘Myopia’ (named after the eye condition from which Rachael suffers) and 11 additional songs, this album navigates delicate subject matter with ease and sensitivity, and in the process showcases Rachael’s true versatility as a musician and a performer.

It is an album about starting again, about new beginnings and seeing clearly. The title ‘Myopia’ acts as a metaphor for society’s narrow-minded and short-sighted approach to diversity and difference, whilst the album itself is a protest against this bigoted outlook. The tracks, with their infectiously catchy melodies and beautifully honest lyricism, come with a reminder to be compassionate and kind even in the face of prejudice.

Rachael’s beautifully distinctive sound has also landed her an invite to perform at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as well as leading her to win awards such as The John Lennon Songwriting Contest and several Independent Music Awards. She has also had 22 of her tracks featured on hit TV show ‘Dance Moms’, where they accompanied Sia’s breakout video star Maddie Ziegler and other stars of the show.

And now Rachael returns with her album ‘Myopia’ (released October 19th), an album that, at its core, is about the redemptive power and excitement of creativity. “This is a warm-weather record. These are songs about getting out there, thawing things out, and unearthing the truth. Sometimes you can’t do that in the dead of winter. But when the sun is shining, even the murkiest future appears hopeful.”

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