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Ones To Watch: Peppina

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Location: Finland

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Finnish pop singer/songwriter Peppina has been steadily infiltrating the U.S. music world with her cloud-like vocals and incredibly honest lyrics. The 19-year old got her foot in the door two years ago when she caught the interest of actor Joseph Gordon Levitt, who helped expose her to his newly launched artist discovery platform From there, she began recording and performing more regularly, and recently landed a song placement in the upcoming indie film Married Young.

Her latest effort Follow Your Gravity, was released earlier in 2015, and has seen much praise from the blogsphere at large. “I only sing about things I believe in, things I can stand behind,” Peppina explained in a recent interview. This mentality truly shines through in her vocal delivery and lyrics – the honesty is almost overwhelming. Currently, Peppina is in the studio working on a brand new EP, which fans can expect to be available in spring of 2016.

Stream Peppina’s Follow Your Gravity EP below:

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