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Ones To Watch: Marco With Love

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Location: New York, U.S

Genre: Breeze Rock

Marco With Love’s 70s style Laurel Canyon reverb-rock is disruptive and unique. Between the band’s use of the pedal steel guitar and vocalist Marco Argiro’s gritty rhasp, there aren’t too many comparisons that do them justice. Drawing influence from classic artists like Tom Petty and Revolver-era Beatles, Marco With Love have managed to put together a captivating collection of new tracks in the form of their Tidal Wave EP, due out on July 17th. The EP follows the release of the band’s widely embraced single “Love,” which dropped in 2014.

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“When we were writing and recording the songs on this EP, it was the first time the band was able to really dig in and work collaboratively on new material,” explains vocalist Marco Argiro. “With all our influences and experiences, it gave us the opportunity to push ourselves beyond the boundaries of traditional country and folk music by blending it with classic R&B and adding a touch of psychedelia in order to create our own special blend of rock n’ roll.”

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Photo by Curtis Wayne Millard