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News: Supergrass’ Danny Goffey To Release New Album As ‘Vangoffey’

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(UK) Danny Goffey spent most of his adult life writing and performing in the Great British rock band Supergrass, penning many of their best songs including ‘Alright’, ‘Caught by the Fuzz’ and ‘Late in the Day’. After more than 15 years the band split leaving Goffey sitting on his hands contemplating his next move.

A spell playing drums with Babyshambles followed, then a covers album with Gaz Coombes and Nigel Goodrich (Hotrats). He even appeared on Masterchef, somehow reaching the semi finals!

After relocating from London to Somerset he began writing songs again-about his friends, family and the mad world around. From a small wooden shed in his garden his first ever solo album, ‘vangoffey’ was conceived and these songs started to gain momentum. Before long Goffey found himself signed to Distiller Records and recording his debut album in their wonderful Somerset studio.

Writing all the lyrics and playing most of the instruments on the album, ‘Trials of a Modern Man’ was finished at the end of 2014, co-produced with Simon Byrt. It will be released this autumn. A sensational video for ‘Race Of Life’ surfaced at the end of April while the first single ‘You You You’ is set for release June 29th.

The album has a slightly chaotic theme throughout based around the pressures of modern living. But with clear and straight talking lyrics he manages to bring both humor and charm to the songs. The recording didn’t go without incident as Goffey broke his left leg halfway through the album in a ‘friendly’ studio football game. He had to record the remaining vocals from a wheelchair, reveling in the attention!

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