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Single Review: Lola King & The Kickstarts – ‘Bounce Together’

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With this, the first single from Indie pop group Lola & The Kickstarts, we’re thrown in to the summer party mood with crashing guitars and relentless percussion.

Lola King & the Kickstarts are built around the songwriting partnership of Lola King and her brother Dan, the lineup is completed by Chris Curtis (bass) and Shaun Lee (drums).  With Lola’s fantastic rhythmic phrasing, combined with her jazz/pop melodies, sitting beautifully on top of the guitar-based raw indie sound of the Kickstarts, the energy really shows.

First up is the song Bounce Together, which undeniably makes you, well, bounce. It’s a classic summer pop tune, with a playfully rocking festival vibe. Lola’s vocal performance is both arresting and provocative, somewhere between Lily Allen and Jessie J on acid; instantaneous, raw, to the point, and also great fun.

Next up is This is Not a Love Song; no kidding. Despite the mellower tempo and more emotive lyrics, this one still packs a punch, and in many ways is the stronger track. This is the tune for the point in your party when a drink too many leads to moments of unashamed introspection. More melodic than its sister-track, this song takes that absentee lover by the throat and takes them on about becoming a martyr to relationships; “Is that crown feeling thorny?”

Overall these are a couple of very nifty tracks. So, is there room for Lola King & The Kickstarts? Absolutely. Welcome to the stage Lola!

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