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Live Review – Wet Wet Wet & Go West – 3rd February 2024 – Indigo2, London, UK

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Saturday saw the triumphant coming together of two of the 80s most successful bands at the Indigo2, Wet Wet Wet and Go West. Their special joint headline show proved to be well received, even before doors opened, with a sold out night, and a crowd pilling down the side of the venue waiting for the show to begin.

Wet Wet Wet began the evening with back to back favourites, Sweet Little Mystery and East of the River. Ex-Liberty X singer Kevin Simm stole the show with each song, his vocals souring over the mix and at points hitting hard. Sweet Surrender was a particular highlight, as was the following song With A Little Help From My Friends, a cover of The Beatle’s classic. The tune was immediately recognisable, despite the bands new waltz-inspired and sax-heavy rendition.

Bassist Graeme Clark seemed especially thankful for the crowd in attendance. ‘we’re staying across the road,’ he said, ‘and now we’re skint’. At this point the show turned into a conversation, Graeme moving around the stage to introduce the band, as well as explain the beginnings of their collaboration with Kevin. Five years in the making, Kevin was credited for bringing the band back, before thanking his ‘younger grandad’ for bringing him along. Julia Says followed swiftly afterwards, the groups harmonies on point.

‘The Chico twins. The columbian drug dealers’ Graeme tells the audience, telling story of him and guitarist Graeme Duffin. The brass approached the front for Lip Service, and Kevin led a singalong of the chorus of Goodnight Girl. ‘We could have been in chapel somewhere’ he said, genuinely taken by the sweetness of the moment. ‘Were gonna finish on a song that was number one forever,’ Kevin said, ‘it was number one when i was in Pampers.’ Of course, this meant Love Is All Around. A fitting end to Wet Wet Wet’s monumental set.

The Mission impossible theme announced the beginning of Go West’s set, before the duo launched into Don’t Look Down. Their second song, surprisingly, was a cover of Sam Sparrow’s 2008 hit Black & Gold. Their sound fit the vibe of the original perfectly, and showcased the versatility of the backing band. After thanking the audience, Eye to Eye began with pitch-perfect harmonies and catchy synths. Singer Peter Cox’s vocals were on point, jumping in and out of falsetto with ease.

Faithful followed, Peter saying jokingly of the record ‘at least someone bought it’. This was followed by another surprise cover, this time of What You Won’t Do For Love. Bobby Caldwell’s classic slots perfectly into the band’s dynamic, and again shows that they haven’t lost their creative spark. From Baltimore to Paris was dedicated to a fan in attendance all the way from Detroit. It was safe to say he was a pretty big fan of their second album, and that song in particular.

They played a newer number Let Love Come, as well as a few older hits before finishing on a triple threat. Guitarist Richard Drummie asked the audience to guess the song, and it didn’t take long before everyone began to sing along. Call Me, We Close Our Eyes, and King of Wishful Thinking from the Pretty Women soundtrack. ‘Lets pretend its 1985,’ Peter said before beginning. Honestly, it was very easy to.


Wet Wet Wet:

Sweet Little Mystery

East of the River


Somewhere Somehow

Angel Eyes (Home and Away)

Sweet Surrender

With a Little Help From My Friends (Beatles Cover)

Julia Says

Lip Service

Goodnight Girl

Don’t Want to Forgive Me Now

Wishing I Was Lucky

Love Is All Around


Go West:

Don’t Look Down

Black and Gold (Sam Sparro Cover)

Eye to Eye


What You Won’t Do for Love (Bobby Caldwell Cover)

Tears Too Late

From Baltimore to Paris

Let Love Come

Goodbye Girl

The Tracks of My Tears

Call Me

We Close Our Eyes

King of Wishful Thinking