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Live Review: Tame Impala – 12th February 2016 – Alexandra Palace, London, UK

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They’ve been making waves in the underground psychedelic rock scene since the release of their debut album Innerspeaker in 2010. But it was the success of Tame Impala’s newest release Currents that really brought them to the masses. And Kevin Parker, the mastermind behind Tame Impala has undoubtedly proved himself to be an imperishable force, after selling out two 10,000 capacity dates at London’s Alexandra Palace.

Opening phrase “Hey London, how’s it going?” is barely audible over the ear-shattering applause. And as their reverb heavy psych-fest of an intro transcends into Let It Happen, you can’t help but be sucked in by the mind-bending backdrop of ethereal visuals that contract and expand as the music does. The most aesthetically vivid parts of the night are delivered through the older songs in the set. Stripping back the frills and surpassing the allure of the confetti canons, songs like Lonerism’s Why Won’t They Talk To Me and Innerspeaker anthem Alter Ego are instantaneously captivating, filling the palace with fuzz-drenched euphoria.

Parker’s demeanor is infectiously relaxed, and as the band travel through the emotive Yes I’m Changing, he sits at the peak of the stage looking out over the sea of enamored fans, notably humbled by the reception. But then the adoration is hardly surprising; as Tame Impala are note perfect from start to finish. From the smooth, kaleidoscopic tones of Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind, to the hard-hitting, funky new hit The Less I Know The Better, their trail of success carries them all the way through to the final post-encore light show and drenching confetti storm.

The crowd were more aggressive than you’d expect at a Tame Impala gig, but then tonight didn’t feel like a gig as much as it did an event – perhaps a celebratory event of the bands progress. With the change in their sound has come a change in their audience. And though hardcore fans may disapprove of their transition from intimate gigs to arena shows, the current diversity and enormity of their fan base merely resonates as a demonstration of their well-earned victory.

Let It Happen
Mind Mischief
Why Won’t They Talk to Me?
It Is Not Meant to Be
The Moment
Yes I’m Changing
The Less I Know the Better
Where It’s At (Beck cover)
Alter Ego
Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?
Apocalypse Dreams

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
New Person, Same Old Mistakes