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Album Review: Deep Sea Diver – Secrets

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Seattle’s Deep Sea Diver welcome you to their musical exploration of sound in the forms of their forthcoming sophomore album, Secrets. Wading between genuine tunes yearning for the purest love, to the grittiness and despair surrounding heartbreak, each track oozes with emotion that’s impossible not to get lost in it.

Deep Sea Diver SecretsJust wanting your attention, Secrets opens with the catching and haunting sounds of Notice Me. Which acts as the mood setter, bringing in a rock driven sound that flirts with an airy melody – the perfect backdrop to showcase the power of Jessica Dobson’s gritty vocals. Forerunners for the harmonic garden of sound, Great Light, See These Eyes and Always Waiting play into the wistful side to the album. While Wide Awake and Creatures Of Comfort stage the contrasting, high intensity and rock shredding. 

Title track Secrets is a funky little ditty, that take dreamy notes and back them with frantic, electric riffs, while Dobson serenades, “You’re the only one… That I’m ever thinking of”/ “Remember your first… Love” on a loop, really pushing her heartfelt emotion through the track. And to really drive the emotion home, the journey reaches its destination in ballad, New Day. Combining striking piano chords and airy vocals with Dobson reaching some stellar high notes as she pours her heart out, serenading, “I know that’s it’s a new day, all alone… on a new day” backed by a bed of building “oohs”. Before finalising the track stating, “I know it’s a new day, but you’re with someone else.”

Secrets is one of those albums that’s impossible not to fall in love with. From the effortless interchange of rock bravado to melodic dreamscapes that’s made ever so smooth with the aid of Dobson’s heartfelt croon. This is one that you’ll want to keep to yourself, but these secrets deserve to be shared.