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Live Review: LP – 28th November 2017 – Kentish Town Forum, London, UK

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Photo: Edge Publicity

The build up to tonight’s show feels like a long time coming. LP is four albums in, but tonight feels like a celebration of their achievement as an artist. A visibly queer musician, LP provides some much needed positive representation for the youthful crowd that fill The Forum right up to the rafters.

Much of tonight’s setlist is lifted off LP’s latest record, the stunning Lost On You that was released earlier in the year. LP mixes playing a ukulele with a plethora of impressive whistling tricks, showing their deeply versatile skill set. LP straddles a multitude of genres that take into account a rock icon image mixed with pop banger tendencies – a former writer for Rihanna and Christina Aguilera to name just a few.

There is a timeless Cyndi Lauper-esque note to LP’s voice that is out in force this evening, making many question if LP truly needs a microphone at all. As the child of an opera singer, it’s easy to assume this must be where the ability to forge sky high choruses comes from – but with the personal tales of woe it is clear to see these come from LP’s often tumultuous love life.

LP’s small frame bobs around the stage with slight trepidation, the understandable nerves becoming less visible as LP delivers yet another stunning vocal. Eventually grasping the entire venue as though it were putty in their hands, LP quickly shakes off the worry and instead focuses on giving their absolute all. At times it feels as though LP may explode from putting so much emotional and physical power into each and every word.

There may have been nerves on display at the start of the show, but the warm reception gifted to LP by the adoring crowd quickly proved to be a cure for any doubts. The name LP is not as well known as it should be, there is something special happening with this artist, and it’s not someone that should be overlooked by any stretch.