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Album Review: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – The Rest Of Our Life

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Photo: Sony Music Australia

Country music royalty Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have been married for the last 21 years, preferring to keep their respective music careers separate from one another. But 2017 sees this still loved-up couple release their first joint venture; The Rest Of Our Life, a record that documents traditional country living.

 Eponymous track The Rest Of Our Life has the musical heart of Nashville pumping all the way through it, one couple’s affectionate ode to each other lay down for all to see. It sets the tone for what is an incredibly love focused album, highlighting that McGraw and Faith share a unique bond as musicians in addition to husband and wife. The Bed We Made continues to soak up all the warm gooey feelings of mutual appreciation, making it an ideal album for romantic getaways in log cabins. The subtle innuendo in the lyrics are surely made from fond memories, no doubt relatable content for many couples. Melodically, the range is limited yet pleasant – no killer hooks or percussive interludes, but that’s not the focus McGraw and Faith are going for.

Sleeping In The Stars adds a slightly more sombre tone to the record, and one that puts religion at the forefront. It’s nice to see people committed to their faith and the idea of a higher power watching from above, but as a person who has never been big on organised religion it is a little alienating. That’s not to say they shouldn’t be able to express their faith, and it is key to note this is a niche release outside of its native America where religion takes more of a backseat.

The closing portions of the album follow a more reserved melodic style, winding down gradually like the relaxed country living Faith & McGraw are no strangers to. Speak To A Girl puts the emphasis on gentlemanly behaviour, something a great deal of people could do with reminding of in the current news climate. Faith leads the way here, guiding her husband towards a politer way of life; transforming him into the perfect gent.

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers is an all-time classic, and sadly Roll The Dice can’t quite make betting seem quite as glamorous. The energy though is admirable, dialling up the youthful flair of McGraw and Faith’s young spirits. Country music is big business in the States, but hasn’t quite caught on in the same way this side of the pond – making The Rest Of Our Life a little bit of a cultural mismatch.