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Live Review: Hurts – 7th December 2017 – O2 Academy, Brixton, London, UK

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Photo: Columbia Records UK

With the temperatures plummeting close to freezing, crowds outside Brixton’s O2 Academy are only more eager to get into last night’s show from Mancunian lads; Hurts. Hot off the hells of their latest album; Desire, Theo and Adam are visibly taken aback by the supportive crowd.

Striding out onto the stage, Theo Hutchcraft oozes a star quality of a performer way beyond his years. Their souped up live show pulls no punches as they launch into a triple whammy of Desire, Ready To Go and Some Kind of Heaven. The backing singers are giving it their absolute all, throwing shapes so magnificent it becomes awe inspiring to witness the rhythm.

The lights flash hues of orange and purple, pumping out extra energy that continues to pulse even through some of Hurts quite moments. Fists are raised high as Hutchcraft leads the audience through a firsthand demonstration of what makes Hurts so brilliant. It’s almost hard to believe how underrated the band are, with this many people enjoying their live show so strongly.

Miracle inspires a mass outbreak of some impressive shapes being thrown throughout the venue, the more euphoric tunes building to powerful crescendos of cheering and applause. With the festive period underway, it would have been rude for Hurts to ignore their seasonal single All I Want For Christmas Is New Year’s Day – which they save for the encore, which feels much more like a victory lap.

Hurts may hail from Manchester, but last night in London there was something magical in the air that is impossible to dispute. Hurts had me a little speechless, something that doesn’t often happen at gigs – but this was a surprisingly special one.