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Live Review: Gabrielle Aplin – 7th December 2017 – Union Chapel, London, UK

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photo: Wilful Publicity

English songwriter Gabrielle Aplin put on a Christmas show with the help of Hannah Grace, Hudson Taylor and the supporting acts Hali, Sonny and Callum Beattie (who are all part of Gabrielle’s Never Fade Records), for an excited crowd within the gorgeous settings of London’s Union Chapel. 

After the opening with all three main artists on stage, the focus alternated on Hannah Grace, Hudson Taylor and Gabrielle Aplin. Hannah Grace started with her Praise You, for which she was still supported by all the other musicians. The piano melody reinforced Hannah’s powerful voice, which moved and excited the entire public. After individually performing two songs (Blue and Oh River), Hannah was joined again by Hudson Taylor and Gabrielle. The attention was now on the the Irish folk duo, Hudson Taylor, who were able to make the audience participate and sing along (I don’t know why and I don’t know when, I need you now like I needed you then) while performing Don’t Know Why. Before leaving the stage, to let Gabrielle move the audience with The Power of Love, all three artists sang So This Is Christmas together. The emotional performance and the fame of the song  helped to create a pure, festive and touching moment.

Gabrielle Aplin delivered both, emotional and joyful performances, while going through her latest releases and some covers. She was able to enchant the Union Chapel audience with her powerful, and at the same time nearly whispered voice. Voice which is also one of the few critics of the night, since few times imperfect. Fairytale of New York concludes the concert, delivering the last festive feeling to the crowd.

Gabrielle Aplin, Hudson Taylor and Hannah Grace put on a lovely Christmas party, thanks to festive songs, holiday vibes and the help of such an intimate and magical venue as the Union Chapel. The cohesion on stage, the warmth of the artists and their engaging ways to approach the audience created a sparkling atmosphere. During the last songs, everyone was standing, clapping following the rhythms and singing along.