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Live Review: Heather Small – 27th March 2022 – London Palladium, UK

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Live Review: Heather Small - 27th March 2022 - London Palladium, UK

Twenty-five years on from her peak in the global charts, it might be forgivable for some to forget just how many hits Heather Small has achieved in her career as both a solo star and as the mesmerizing front woman of M People. After all, it’s been a while since they last dominated the airwaves with their brand of housey-dance-pop. But it was the hits, and the distinctive, raspy voice that we were reminded of at this week’s performance of 90’s classics as the starlet touched down at the London Palladium as part of her 16-date trek around the country.  

It may have been a fairly short set comprising of a mere musical dozen but as soon as that voice bellowed throughout the famous London Palladium walls, there was no mistake that we were at a Heather Small performance as fans that filled the central London venue were treated to a nostalgic set comprising of songs from her time with 90’s outfit M People, through to solo hits as the songstress found her place back on stage following a long bout of time away from touring and fresh from appearing on the latest season of celebrity vocal show, The Masked Singer. The show has been labelled the ‘Voice of M People’ tour and it was very much that as hit after hit from the M People vault was dished up to a crowd that were loving every second of the show.  

As the lead of M People, Small found worldwide fame fronting massive hit singles including One Night In Heaven, Moving On Up and Search For A Hero and during the show, each of those hits found a nesting spot; her voice remaining as fierce and flawless as it was in her bands 90’s heyday; the crowd singing back to the star as her deep voice reverberated throughout the Palladium.  

Between the musical numbers Small would provide brief narration to the show, declaring “I’m hoping to whip you lot into a frenzy” before her offering of Excited and asking the audience “show my first ever hit some love because I still love singing” in the lead up to a gorgeous live rendition of How Can I Love You More.  

Satisfying the fans with pitch-perfect renditions of the slow burning Just For You, which was dedicated to all the mothers in the audience for Mother’s Day, and the disco-drenched Open Up Your Heart, the singer displayed her energetic showmanship as she donned a two-piece gold outfit with puffy sleeves and showing off a midriff that had everyone in the audience green with envy.  The big curls that she has worn of late were replaced with tight braids that swung around as she paced the stage, giving every section of her audience a balanced amount of attention; waving to fans as they helped her sing through her famous repertoire.  

It was a short night of tunes from our favorite era of music but one that was well worth the trek into the city to see. It was great to see Small in such top form and celebrating a legacy of 90’s pop hits that have helped carve her a pretty spectacular musical career for the last quarter decade.  


One Night in Heaven
Itchycoo Park (Small Faces cover)
Just For You
Colour My Life
Search For The Hero
Sight For Sore Eyes
How Can I Love You More

Open Up Your Heart
Moving On Up

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