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Live Review: Amy Macdonald – 8th November 2017 – St John at Hackney, London, UK

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Photo: Murray Chalmers PR

Amy Macdonald is trying something a little different on her current tour, stripping back her sound to an acoustic set which last night landed itself amongst the pews at St John’s Church in Hackney.

The Scottish powerhouse took to the stage in front of statues depicting the crucifixion, her voice transcending the high ceilings to penetrate the audience’s souls. Cuts from her latest album Under Stars befit the grandiose setting well, with Macdonald heel stomps and gestures her way through a back catalogue that spans an impressive ten year period.

Despite first album This Is The Life turning 10 years old this month, tracks from it have aged superbly and as the crowd rose to their feet in joy – such songs are unlikely to lose their meaning to anyone in this room any time soon. Attention briefly turns to tensions in America as Amy introduces 4th of July – a one time love song that by her own admission is now more of a lament.

For all her best efforts, last nights crowd was a little too polite to receive songs with excessive encouragement; a few stay seated for the entirety. It’s a shame to see an artist playing an incredible show to such a reserved interaction, but thankfully there are some incredibly keen fans dotted about the room with enough energy to keep the spark alive.

Macdonald may have been contending with a one of a kind environment, but she tackled the gig with such gusto and skill that for a brief period she was the idol of people’s worship. Between song chat is remarkably entertaining; perfectly channeling her pleasant demeanor and retaining her notorious Scottish charm.

Even if the crowd were too busy thinking about Waitrose, last night certainly belonged to Amy Macdonald – a consistently delightful songwriter with a voice that is one of the generation’s finest.


Under Stars
The Rise & Fall
Never Too Late
Mr Rock and Roll
Give It All Up
Leap of Faith
4th of July
Down by the Water
Barrowland Ballroom
Prepare to Fall
Dream On
This Is the Life

Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Life in a Beautiful Light
Poison Prince