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Live Review: Adam Lambert – 30th January 2016 – Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia

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After a massively successful run through Australia back in 2014, fronting iconic rock band Queen as part of the bands critically and commercially acclaimed world tour, Adam Lambert is back down under to promote material of his own, 6 years on from his last solo tour; something the glam pop hit-maker made known during a phenomenal show at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre last night.

With 3 albums under his belt following his time on U.S music competition show American Idol back in 2009, along with a few wisely selected covers, Lambert performed the first of two consecutive shows in the quaint Newtown venue in support of his recently released third studio record, The Original High.

Despite the rain lashing down on Sydney and thunder crackling overhead, fans weren’t deterred from getting a little wet last night as they flocked to the venue; many self-confessed ‘glamberts’ showing off their fanboy or fangirl admiration for the American popstar through eccentric outfits and many sporting t-shirts from the front merchandise stand in time for the show to get underway.

With a slightly awkward start to the show making us wonder whether the show had in fact begun; lights dimming while a recording of Evil In The Night played and the band still nowhere to be seen, the track closed off and restarted with Lambert’s backing singers and musicians finding their place and diving straight into the opening of the same song; this time in electrifying live fashion with flashes of light waking up the venue and Lambert standing on an elevated platform; dressed in a futuristic, Tron-esque outfit.

Adam Lambert Live 3

For those a little less familiar with the opening number, the following For Your Entertainment served fans of his earlier material with something a little more substantial; the crowd getting well into the rhythm of the dance slick moves and the stars punchy vocals which were delivered alongside a pair of backing singers who helped add to the rich sound that filled the venue.

One of the singers most successful singles to date was up next with Ghost Town offering the set with an early highlight; opening with a gentle guitar strum before turning up the heat with a dance vein pulsating through the hit and the numbers hook laden whistle offering a semi-western vibe to the set. The Original High centrepiece was recently certified Gold in the U.S and proved just as popular during last night performance; drawing one of the most rapturous cheers from the sold out venue.

Despite the opening numbers of the set showcasing the musicians hit-making talents, the remainder of the opening half of the show fell a little flat. Performances of Underground, Runnin’ and Rumours fell a little flat on the audience; not by fault of the musicians performance which remained at a 5 star standard from start to end, but from the songs chosen during the segment lacking an infectious, memorable quality to them and never really lifting off enough for them to be engaging to those who were perhaps outside of the ‘glambert’ circle. The lull was short lived however as Lucy – with his female backing dancer providing an intoxicating performance in gold hot pants alongside Lambert – helped pull things back together before a guitar shredding solo by his lead guitarist allowed Lambert to subtly exit the stage for a quick costume change.

Returning a few moments later, Lambert revealed himself in a sharp purple velvet suit to perform The Original High closing track, After Hours; hand in pocket as he moved slowly around the stage beneath red lasers that weaved through an electric blue lit stage before a stunning cover of Tears for Fears hit, Mad Mad World was dished up for fans. Following Lambert’s performance of the 80’s classic, the crowd delivered their own tribute to the star by singing Happy Birthday to the star who had celebrated his 34th birthday the day before; Lambert clearly taken aback by the sentimental gift from his adoring fans.

There aren’t too many singers out there with the chops of Lambert; the superstar displayed a vocal finesse and power that cannot be challenged by anyone else in music today and he provided evidence of this with electric performances of uptempo inclusions like the disco dressed Lady Gaga co-penned Fever and tribute performances of David Bowie classic Let’s Dance and Avicii/Lambert hit Lay Me Down while dishing out a stunning ballad segment during the middle of the set with a soaring and acoustically tender live version of early chart hit Whataya Want From Me and a memorable stripped back piano driven performance of There I Said It; the biggest and boldest ballad offered to fans during the set.

Adam Lambert Live

Sporting a shimmering silver jacket, dungarees and Spice Girl-esque black Buffalo Boots while his dances gyrated around the stage in glow in the dark outfits, the closing segment of the show was transformed into much more of a club style performance; bright lasers striking all corners of the venue for full throttle performances of the title track to the singers latest album along with one of the shows highlight inclusions, Never Close Our Eyes while the musician incorporated a powerful rendition of Queen hit Another One Bites The Dust into sophomore album title track, Tresspassing which gained a stamp of approval to many of the older fans in the crowd who may have perhaps been fully introduced to the camp star during his 2014 tour with rock heavyweights, Queen. Debut album track If I Had You – equipped with a contrasting but memorable reggae dressing – closed the near 2 hour set off with the crowd erupting with applause and the superstar exiting the stage after thanking the crowd for a fun and magical night of music.

The show contained everything you would expect from an Adam Lambert show; splashes of colour, lasers, platform boots, elaborate dance moves and those mind-blowing vocals that the popstar has become known the world over for throughout his 6 year international career.

Evil In The Night
For Your Entertainment
Ghost Town
Runnin’ / Chokehold / Sleepwalker
After Hours
Mad World (Tears for Fears cover)
Whataya Want From Me
There I Said It
Another Lonely Night
The Light / The Original High / Never Close Our Eyes
Let’s Dance (David Bowie cover)
Lay Me Down (Avicii cover)
Another One Bites the Dust (Queen cover)

If I Had You

Adam Lambert Live 4

Adam Lambert Live 2

* Note: Photos taken at earlier concert