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Single Review: Iggy Pop – ‘Break Into Your Heart’

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It’s been seven years since Préliminaires, the last studio album from Iggy Pop featuring new material. With 2012’s Après consisting solely of French covers and his only release since being Ready to Die with The Stooges, the wait for new material has been considerably long. Fans won’t be left wanting much longer, however, with Iggy’s new album Post Pop Depression coming within a matter of months and new songs on the way. Following the earlier release of Gardenia, the new single Break Into Your Heart marks the latest offering from the album.

Iggy Pop Post Pop DepressionRather than following the jazz style of Après and Préliminaires, Break Into Your Heart is a full-on blues rock track, fitting his gravelly vocals perfectly. It follows a consistent pattern, opening with a minimal instrumental and dipping into it again as it closes, but remaining in a similar mid-tempo range for the remainder of the track. Its ominous tone is at odds with the more upbeat Gardenia, but fits into the same style, giving a decent idea of where the album is headed. The blues style is one that fits Iggy well, and the production of Josh Homme tops it off nicely; their collaborations thus far have made it apparent that this will be a thoroughly enjoyable album.

Based on what we’ve heard so far, Post Pop Depression is shaping up to be another solid offering from Iggy Pop. The new sound direction makes for a satisfying offering, and with only a few months left to go fans won’t be waiting much longer for the remaining new material. Based on Break Into Your Heart and Gardenia, things are definitely looking up for Iggy Pop’s latest solo fare.