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Album Review: Lisa Loeb – No Fairy Tale

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It’s been 9 long years since Lisa Loeb released a studio album of all new material. The singer-songwriters debut Tails put the star on the musical map following the release of Stay (I Missed You) and with a successful few years at the top she helped lead the movement of female singer-songwriters into the mainstream.

Following the release of Stay with its iconic accompanying music video showing the singer drifting round an empty city apartment, a series of follow up hits ensued including the stunning I Do, Let’s Forget About It, Taffy and Do You Sleep. Unfortunately the star dimmed at the end of the 90’s and releases into the new millennium were unable to reach the same heights as her debut and sophomore efforts.

Over the last decade Lisa has been busy pursuing other projects, away from the glimmering lights of mainstream celebrity. As well as unveiling a successful line of eyewear, something she has become well known for in her own career, Lisa has also founded The Camp Lisa Foundation which gives underprivileged children the opportunity to attend summer camp as well as releasing a series of children’s books and records to fill in the time between her commercial studio work.

LisaLoebNoFairytaleThe time has come, however, for Lisa to get back in the saddle and offer us a brand new record of new pennings.

No Fairy Tale throws together a track listing that we have been waiting for for close to a decade and reignited the musicians musical flame within the pint sized beauty as she prepares for the records release at the end of the month.

12 tracks have been offered on the new release and the majority of the songs contained here drip with the same acoustic and carefree bliss that Lisa has become known for throughout her 20 year recording career.

Opening with the album’s title track we can’t help but fall right back in love with Lisa as the number propels us through some slightly cheesy yet loveable lyrics and a melody that begins with a rock edge before evolving into a radio friendly and catchy nineties pop-reminiscent nugget.

The following The 90’s is an instant favorite for us on the record. The track blends some infectious hooks and a thumping drum opening into a penning retelling numerous moments within the singers own career, notably the recording of the video for her number one single Stay (I Missed You) as she casts out lines including; “Betsy cut my dress a little shorter, get me ready for my video. One take, I’ll shake it up on MTV, all eyes on me”, applying a thick nostalgic coating to the number.

We all know that Lisa is a master when it comes to balladry with a portfolio including songs like Stay, I Do and Do You Sleep offering us a timeless reminder of that and she has clearly lost none of her genius as we hear on the syrupy Weak Day. While she provides the songs guitar-led backbone we are guided through a stunning, sweet addition to No Fairy Tale with its swaying rhythm and complimenting guitar solo nearing the tracks end.

[youtube id=”ka9mCmx9Jhs” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Further ballads glow on the album with the mid-tempo ‘Walls’ and the acoustically wonderful Ami, I’m Sorry which provides No Fairy Tale with its most stripped back inclusion as the singer pours her heart out over the top of a simple guitar backdrop while she pleads for the subjects forgiveness.

When it comes to up-tempo hits, Lisa doesn’t disappoint. Among the notables is A Hot Minute which contains a momentous melody overflowing with some memorable guitar riffs while a further rock-edged quality soaks its way through Matches, its hook-laden chorus swaying away from the rest of the songs up-tempo rhythm.

We may at first seem a little distanced from Lisa Loeb and perhaps slightly apprehensive of the new release given her lengthy absence from the mainstream – out of sight, out of mind at they say –  but that is quickly remedied with this new album, a collection containing everything needed for a comeback to be successful.

No Fairy Tale is a fresh and intelligent release for Lisa with just the right amount of nostalgic nods, lyrically and musically, to her 90’s hey-day. There really isn’t too much more that we could ask for!

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