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Interview: Trevante

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Trevante is RnB’s latest ladykiller and he is about to explode onto the international music scene. Hailing from Houston, Texas he has recently released his latest single, Bad Girl, a track that sees the singer-songwriter pairing up with fellow hip-hop star Lil Twist. With a full length album in the works, 2013 is set to be Trevante’s year as it follows up an already lengthy and successful few years of hit releases. Not bad for someone not yet in his twenties.

During a busy promotional touch down in London, we caught up with Trevante to discuss his career, his musical upbringing, the stars latest single, Bad Girl and what it was like to record the track with Lil Twist. Here is what Trevante had to tell us:

Brendon Veevers: How are you doing today Trevante?

Trevante: All is well thank you……I’m actually relaxing before I go back on tour in 2 days.

BV: Your latest single is called Bad Girl. Can you tell us a little bit about this song and the inspiration behind the track?

Trevante Press Shot 2Trevante: Bad Girl is just an up-tempo, fun record. When we decided to do the record we just wanted a song that was simple & kinda fun.

BV: You are joined by Lil Twist on the single. How did this collaboration come about and what was it like to work with him on this track?

Trevante: It was really cool! I’ve actually known Twist for a while now & the CEO of the label actually reached out to Twist to get on the record. It was all love.

BV: Is there an album in the pipeline that we can look out for?

Trevante: Well, I’m definitely working on my album. I have a title but I don’t wanna announce it just yet but I’m pretty excited about it!

BV: Coming from Houston, Texas, how have you found fans differ when you visit other countries doing shows and promotion? Are there any cities that you have found are more over the top than others when it comes to your fans?

Trevante: Being from Houston we are really picky about music. Mostly Houston listens to a lot of rap & stuff so when I do shows & everything in Houston it feels great to be appreciated! I think New Orleans is a hype city! So much love

BV: Your father Joe Haliburton is also involved in music. Has he offered you any advice on how to play it in the industry?

Trevante: My father has taught me everything that I know. I can remember being 6 or 7 & my dad writing me my first song it was really great! I’m learning how to play bass guitar & piano.

BV: One of your first independent singles Baby Girl reached the number one spot on the Billboard Charts. How did this achievement feel for you?

Trevante: It felt crazy! I was only 11 experiencing that. It prepared me for what I am doing now.

BV: You have worked with some of the industry’s biggest stars including Chris Brown, Diane Warren  and Rodney Jerkins. Who has been your favorite so far and why?

Trevante: Hmm……..my favorite? Chris was a lot of fun to work! Also, Diane Warren. She’s so amazing! She’s wrote nothing but hits.

BV: You have also toured with many popular acts over the past few years like Bow Wow and Mindless Behaviour. Who else would be on your wish list to tour alongside and why?

Trevante: I love a top 40! So definitely a top 40! I love Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo, people like that. So doing a tour like that would be awesome because it’ll be so positive!

BV: If you could chose anyone else to work with in the studio, who would you pick, why would you pick them and what type of project would you like to collaborate on together?

Trevante: Jason Derulo! He’s such an amazing artist & I think we could make something crazy! I think we would do something BIG. Worldly & Pop!

BV: You seem to be quite popular with the ladies and you have been described in many articles as the latest ‘RnB heartthrob’. Any crazy stories you can share with us?

Trevante: Lol I do love the ladies! I remember being on tour being chased down an alley by tons of fans & somebody pulled my ponytail & threw me on the ground! Now I’m on the ground with like…..40 girls on top of me lol! Funny

[youtube id=”F_5U2Z-T32Q” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: You are heavily involved in the whole creative process including writing. Where do you draw inspiration from when you sit down to write a track and would you say that you are a disciplined songwriter – is it a natural process or does it take a bit of effort to dig in and find something?

Trevante: Well I go off of how I’m feeling at that moment. I hear the track, then I start humming melodies & the rest just happens. It’s definitely a process that could take a while buts it’s very worth it. I write a lot so I’m starting to figure out the kind of writer I’m going to be

BV: There are a lot of new artists that come along and vanish within months. What would you say that you have that can guarantee some staying power in the music industry?

Trevante: Definitely writing……& mostly the passion that I have for my music will take us far. ‘Us’ meaning my team. If you keep a positive team that helps as well.

BV: Growing up in Texas, who would you say have been your biggest musical influences and why?

Trevante: Honestly, I’ve listened to a lot of old school. Frankie Lymon, Jackie Wilson, Temptaions, Michael Jackson, Debarge. A little rap as well. I would freestyle & listen to a little Lil Bow wow lol.

BV: You are still a very young artist and you have been touring for quite a few years already. Having already achieved a great deal over the past few years, what has been a personal highlight for you since you began your journey as a recording and touring artist?

Trevante: It’s been so much! Meeting Diddy was definitely a highlight for me. Working with everybody I’ve worked with has been amazing but I think the highlight has yet to come

BV: What has been the biggest challenge for you so far?

Trevante: Staying positive & keeping positive around

BV: Will you be heading out on the road at all before the end of the year?

Trevante: Never know! When the time is right we’ll know!

BV: What else is on the Trevante calendar that fans can look out for?

Trevante: Well right now I’m on tour with Mindless Behavior & that’s going really great! Working on new music & writing for other artists. So you guys will be getting new music and videos very soon! Can’t wait for y’all to hear. Tstyle!

BV: Thanks for your time Trevante

Trevante: Thanks