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Interview: Stone Parade

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Fresh from performing alongside some of music’s most established artists including Lifehouse and Billy Joel at Sydney’s Stone Music Festival, Australian band Stone Parade are one of Down Under’s most promising musical units.

Currently the band are in the studio working on new material for their 3rd studio album which is scheduled for release later this year. recently caught up with the bands front man, Greg Byrne, to talk about their upcoming release and performing on the same stage as some of music’s most iconic artists. Here is what he had to tell us:

Brendon Veevers: Firstly, can you tell us a little about the band’s name – who came up with it and what does it mean?

Greg Byrne: Stone Parade is a street in Davidson on the northern beaches of Sydney around where we all grew up. Our local area is quite significant to us as we spent so much time hanging about writing, jamming, surfing and drinking. Good times.

BV: For those who may not be familiar with Stone Parade, how would you best sum up each member of the band and the music you create together?

GB: One Armenian, two South Africans, a drummer who when covered in oil looks Icelandic and an Irishman- somehow we blend together to create the sound of Stone Parade.

BV: What has the band been up to since the release of your last album, Stratosphere, in 2010?

GB: Wow 2010! That sounds so long ago! Existing in an expensive town that we call Sydney. Working hard and making ends meet outside of creating new sounds/concepts with our craft. Oh and I experienced some new cultures in some other parts of the world on travels.

BV: You are in the process of putting together your third studio album. What can fans expect from this release?

GB: We always try to create the best music possible at the time. Honestly I don’t know exactly what will come out at this stage. Ask me again in 6 months.

BV: Will it carry a similar sound to your previous records or have you taken a different approach to this new record?

GB: Our sound is our sound so there will always be elements of both records. I like to think with every record we write however that there is progression from the last- too early to tell.

BV: Is it important for the band to be involved in an albums entire creative process?

GB: Always

BV: Will there be any surprises on the new record, perhaps a collaboration or something unexpected?

GB: We’ve actually been discussing the idea of working with a few different artists in different genres. Definitely open to the idea!

BV: You have certainly endured your fair share of struggle with the firing of your manager early on in your career. That didn’t stop Stone Parade because, as your website ( bio puts it, you “rolled up your sleeves and took fate into your own hands”. Talk to us about what kept Stone Parade moving forward after hitting such a bump in your journey?

GB: A manager or anyone else who comes along is never the glue that holds you together as a band. You have each other, your collective belief, passion and ambitions – that’s ultimately what allows you to keep going.

BV: Do you think the band has grown as a unit because of what you have had to go through and, if so, in what way?

GB: I think we can look back and laugh at situations we may have been in that seemed so important at that time but were completely ridiculous. It is important to have stories and every band does. We now tread more cautiously when making big decisions.

[youtube id=”GtmOm_fv43g” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: Stone Parade has had a very successful career to date including sold out shows and being honored with some of music’s most prestigious accolades. What has been the personal highlight for the band so far?

GB: Playing and selling out the Viper Room in LA.

BV: You performed at Stone Music Festival in Sydney recently. How did the show go?

GB: I feel as though we gave it our best. What an amazing day that was for us to be able to get across to completely new fans and feel re-energized by their first time excitement, if you know what I mean?

BV: You shared the stage with Billy Joel, Lifehouse and Guy Sebastian. Did you get to meet any of them while you were there?

GB: I floated around the same areas but to be honest I was more interested in hanging out with local bands like The Dead Love, London Cries and The Hiding.

BV: Where would you like to see yourselves in the next 12 months?

GB: New album and on the road!

BV: Are there plans to break into the international market, perhaps the US or the UK?

GB: Quite possibly, we shall see, one step at a time.

BV: Will you be heading out on a headlining tour at all in 2013?

GB: I’d say there is a very good chance, just need to make the record for now!

BV: What else can we look forward to from stone Parade in 2013?

GB: Wouldn’t want to let it all out of the bag now would I.

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