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Interview: Sick Puppies

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Ahead of the release of the band latest studio release, Connect, their 4th studio album of their career, Aussie rockers Sick Puppies are preparing for another series of tour dates to promote their forthcoming offspring.

The bands members – vocalist and guitarist Shimon Moore, bassist Emma Anzai and drummer Mark Goodwin – have taken their Australian musical roots to the international stage and have been going strong for over 15 years now with releases like 2007’s Dressed Up As Life and 2009’s Tri-Polar as well as a string of EP’s offerings.

We sneaked in some time with the Australian rockers front-man Shimon Moore to talk about the band’s latest release and their secret to longevity in an industry that is ever-changing. Here is what he has to tell us:

Brendon Veevers: How is the band doing today?

Shimon Moore: Well, thank you

BV: Where does our Q&A find you?

SM: In rehearsal at Los Angeles

BV: With your new album quickly approaching release, how is the band feeling?

SM: Stoked! We just want people to hear what we have been hearing the whole time.

BV: What celebrations are planned for the release of the record?

SM: A full run of shows in our highest selling markets to come out with a bang.

SickPuppiesConnectBV: The new album is called Connect. Can you tell us a little about the new record and what fans can expect from the new track-listing you have put together?

SM: We put everything into this record and made a conscious choice not to let the success of the past dictate the movements of the future.

BV: Would you say that the new collection carries any similarities in terms of style to your previous records or have you decided to venture into different genres/styles on this record?

SM: We have ventured into better songs. Same band – Same style.

BV: The first single from Connect, There’s No Going Back, has offered fans a glimpse into what’s to come on the new album. What’s the fan reaction been to the new material so far?

SM: They are singing it at all the shows so that’s a good sign!

BV: Another album name, Under The Black Sky, was circulating around the web over the past few months but you chose to title the new album, Connect. What was the reason for this?

SM: Connect summed up the record as a whole. Under The Black Sky was just a cool name.

BV: The band has been together for around 15 years now so you must have a theory on longevity in the music industry. What is Sick Puppies secret to longevity?

SM: Know when to stay away from each other.

BV: Let’s talk about the bands creative process. How long did the album take to put together and what was the most enjoyable part of making this new record?

SM: We wrote a hundred plus songs and that was my favorite part. It’s the most creative part of the whole process. The whole album took over a year.

BV: Where was Connect recorded and why did you choose that location to put the album together?

SM: We recorded at rock mafia studios in Santa Monica. We chose Santa Monica because we did the last 2 records there and it just gets us the best product.

[youtube id=”wLvHws3wzi0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: The band always seems to be on the road. What do you enjoy the most about touring?

SM: The shows. That’s why we do the whole thing!

BV: With the band hailing from Sydney, Australia, it must be difficult being on the road and away from your families for such long periods. How do you all cope with that and do you get a chance to catch up with friends and family who are Down Under much?

SM: It is hard, yes. I go home as often as I can.

BV: Are there any plans to take Connect out on the road?

SM: Yea, of course. is where you can find all our tour dates starting this month.

BV: What else if on the Sick Puppes calendar for 2013?

SM: Just a lot of shows!

BV: Thanks for your time and good luck with the release of Connect.

SM: Thanks man!

Sick Puppies new album Connect is out on July 16.

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