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Interview: Seth Sentry

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Seth Sentry first found fame following the Melbourne hip hop stars ‘Featured Artist’ slot on Triple J’s Uneathered. The achievement was followed by string of singles that provided a platform for the rapper to find a comfortable nesting place within the Australian mainstream and led to a series of successful performances throughout his homeland which made Sentry a household name.

His success has more recently sent Seth across the pond, playing to audiences at festivals in the U.S as well as a coveted spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live as the first Australian rapper to perform on a U.S talk show.

SethSentryThisWasTomorrowHaving just wrapped up a successful Dear Science tour, Sentry has wasted no time at all, hitting the road once again on the Vacation tour and we got to speak with the musician about his career so far, his performance on the popular U.S talk show and what fans can expect when they catch him on the road this year. Here is what Seth had to tell us:

Brendon Veevers: How are you doing Seth and where does our interview find you today?

Seth Sentry: Good thanks – today I’m back in Melbourne just writing rhymes & chill in out before I head out on the next leg of the Vacation tour.

BV: Your latest single is also called Vacation – can you tell us a little about the track for those who haven’t heard the single yet?

SS: Vacation was the last song I wrote for the album. It’s kinda just about letting go of the world & getting weird.

BV: For those who haven’t got the track yet, how would you sell it to them? Why should they go into iTunes, search ‘Seth Sentry Vacation’ and click on that ‘BUY’ button?

SS: They shouldn’t. I would advise against it. You hear that? DON’T DO IT! (reverse psychology).

BV: You recently wrapped up your Dear Science tour in Australia. How did the tour go?

SS: Yeah it was pretty fucking crazy. My first sell out tour & easily the biggest shows I’ve done.

BV: Any crazy tour stories you can share with us from your time touring?

SS: Hmmm….I got plenty. People falling off roofs trying to sneak in, fire extinguishers going off in hotel rooms, being kicked out of said hotels etc. but it would be a breach of the golden tour rule haha.

BV: You don’t seem to be taking much time to rest from the Dear Science tour because you are about to head out again on the Vacation tour which takes you right up into November. What can fans expect from these shows?

SS: These shows are going to be a lot more intimate & up close than the last tour. Smaller venues & crazy amounts of energy.

BV: Seems like a misleading title for a tour because we have seen how much work you put into your shows and your performance – seems like hardly a vacation for you. Do you get much vacation time?

SS: I’ve officially had ONE holiday in my life & it was a couple of months ago. But one could argue that my whole life has been one big vacation.

SethSentry2BV: When you do get downtime, what do you enjoy getting up to?

SS: Hanging out with mates & playing video games is my favorite shit.

BV: You will be heading out with Mantra and grey Ghost on this tour. What was it about these bands that made you want to take them out on the road with you?

SS: Ain’t nothing better than touring with friends I think. I mean, obviously they’re both ridiculously talented as well.

BV: The collection you have been busy promoting over the last year is your debut, This Was Tomorrow which is approaching its 1 year anniversary in September. What has the audience response been like to hearing the songs on the record in a live setting?

SS: I think it’s been pretty good, a lot of the newer songs are more up tempo than what was on the EP so they’re really fun & energetic to perform live!

BV: Has any thought been given at this stage to a sophomore release given the success of your debut?

SS: Yeah of course, I’ve already began!

BV: You recently made a little bit of history in the U.S being the first Australian rapper to perform on a US talk show when you appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. How was the performance and is that something you brag about to your mates these days?

SS: Yeah it was really fun, we got treated well by Jimmy & the crew & it was just a great experience. Haha nah I don’t brag to my mates. I’m just Seth Marton to them.

BV: How did the performance spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live come to be?

SS: When I was in Austin, Texas for SXSW I was asked to be part of a rap battle with the grand prize being a support slot for LL Cool J & a spot on Jimmy Kimmel live. I won!!

[youtube id=”eOH15_pqWZ4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: How do fans differ abroad compared to your fan-base back at home in Australia?

SS: Kinda the same I guess, except I appreciate that they have done a whole lot more research to find my music.

BV: With recording and travelling the world to promote your music, to performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live – the past few years have been full of a lot of accomplishments and adventures it seems. What has been the most memorable moment or accomplishment for you so far?

SS: Definitely playing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Being the first Australian Hip Hop artist to play on a US talk show. Pretty fuckin cool.

BV: Who is responsible for the visual side of Seth Sentry – the artwork on your releases and merchandise? Is this something you are involved with as it is very unique?

SS: Yeah I’m extremely hands on with the visual side of things. I have my homeboy Jagi working on all the artwork He really is a talented motherfucker.

BV: Will you be making an appearance at any Australian or international festivals this year?

SS: Yeah I gotta bunch of Australian festivals coming up this summer, as for international? We shall see

BV: Aside from the Vacation tour, what else is on the Seth Sentry calendar for 2013 that we can look forward to?

SS: I got something very special planned for later this year as a thank you to everyone that has supported me all year.

BV: Thanks and good luck with the upcoming tour Seth.

SS: Thanks