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Interview: RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars – Detox

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All Stars 2 has officially concluded, and a queen has been crowned! In the final challenge of the season, the top four were tasked with writing their own rap sections to be included in RuPaul’s new single Read U Wrote U, and performed these on stage in their own choreographed numbers. Roxxxy unfortunately found herself falling short at this point in the competition, leaving Alaska, Detox and Katya to lip sync one last time in a battle for the crown.

Unfortunately, Detox found herself falling short in the final moments of the competition. That’s not to say she didn’t have a serious shot, though. Her runway game was on-point the entire season, offering some of the strongest looks we’ve seen on the show to date, whether it was her red latex fantasy or her android look complete with head-to-toe silver body paint. Coupled with her strong performance record over the season and her inimitable attitude and lip-sync style that fans fell in love with back on season 5, she was a strong competitor to root for and an amazing personality to have the chance to experience on television once again.

Now that the season has officially concluded, we spoke to Detox about both her time as a part of All Stars season 2.

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Contestants

Michael Smith: Now that the winner of All Stars 2 has officially been crowned, there’s only the reunion left to go. How did it feel to get this second shot at the crown, despite eventually losing the race to Alaska?

Detox: It felt great while I was there, and I left feeling super confident.

MS: How did you feel about your portrayal throughout the season? Did anything strike you as different to how you remembered it?

D: I was fine with it! What little you saw at least!

MS: You had a strong win record throughout the season, and had a very real shot at taking the crown home. As someone with experience of both the filming and the fan reaction to the season, what did you expect the outcome to be?

D: Honestly, I thought I had a huge shot at winning. I performed well in all of the challenges and only landed in the bottom once, and that was pretty debatable. No one could touch me on the runway, that was a definite fact, but there were several challenges that I felt should have been my win as well.

MS: Was there anything about the season that shocked or surprised you, either during filming or experiencing it afterwards as it airs on TV?

D: Not really. I was super focused on myself and doing well. I will say that we were all a bit surprised that Rolaskatox was made a thing again, because it really wasn’t.

MS: How did All Stars feel as a competition compared to your original season? Did the new elimination process change the atmosphere or expectations at all for you as a competitor?

D: It was fun for sure. And there was a lot of respect there. We’d all been through this before, it was easier to be supportive of each other. I honestly wish I were more of a cunning competitor, because things may have ended differently!

MS: While it was hinted at throughout the season, Rolaskatox became a very serious topic for a moment during this final episode. How much of a burden was this tag for you throughout the season? Did you think it would affect your chances?

D: I didn’t think of it because it truly wasn’t there. The only time I felt like it would be perceived as a thing was when I saved Roxxxy, but I just couldn’t send her home. There were also times I didn’t agree with her being in the bottom, especially that episode.

MS: You had some amazing fashion moments throughout the season, to the point that you could almost be called the most consistent runway queen in a season full of high moments. Were there any moments where you felt like an outfit wouldn’t be received well? Is there a particular outfit from another queen that you would call your favourite look of the season?

D: I was super confident in all of my looks. I brought so many pieces with me, but was very involved with planning particular looks. I wanted to tell a story, yet show versatility and I feel I accomplished that. That being said, I absolutely liiiived for Phi Phi’s future of drag look and Katya’s latex look.

MS: The cast of All Stars 2 was full of with season five queens. Did you expect to see a higher level of diversity before walking into the workroom for the first time? Are there any queens you wanted to see on the season that didn’t make it into the final cast, whether they’re from your season or another?

D: I wasn’t surprised. I feel out of all of the seasons, ours had the most stand-outs. It was a brilliant cast. I would have loved to have seen someone from every season though, like Ongina, Morgan McMichaels, Delta Work, Milk, DeLa, so many.

MS: What do you have planned now that the season is over? Do you plan to follow up your single Supersonic with any other music, if not an album?

D: Hopefully I can plan on a fucking nap!