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Interview: RUFUS

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Australian indie/dance outfit RÜFÜS are about to hit the big time. With a number one album already firmly under their belt in their Australian homeland, the lads are set to take on the global music market with the release of the debut in the UK.

Atlas, RÜFÜS’s first full length release in the UK, is set to be unveiled in the Spring and has recently offered fans a taste of what’s to come in the shape of album single cut, Desert Night. Going by the reaction to the single and the demand for these boys to live, 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting years ahead for the Australian collective.

Busy on a hectic touring schedule, we caught up with the three-piece to talk about expectations placed on the record to hit the top spot, plans for 2014 and what it’s like to crack a new market. Here is what the band had to tell us…

Brendon Veevers: Hi guys, how are you all doing and where does our interview find Rufus today?

RÜFÜS: Hi. We are currently on a plane from San Diego to Austin – SXSW bound.

Rufus AtlasBV: You are busy doing promotional work these days around your debut album, Atlas. The record was released in 2013 in your Australian homeland and sees a Spring 2014 release in the UK. For those who haven’t heard the record yet, can you tell us a little about the collection and what they might expect?

RÜFÜS: I guess a pretty big aim with the writing process for us was to have a balance of dark and light, in crafting the little worlds that became each track from the album. It was about sun-drenched brightness versus submerged deepness. Stylistically we were referencing some of our favourite artists including Claude Vonstroke, Booka Shade, Royksöpp, Trentemøller, Foals, and Justin Martin.

BV: The album was a number one hit for you in Australia. You must have all been pretty chuffed with that achievement? What did you all do to celebrate?

RÜFÜS: Chuffed is definitely an understatement. Pretty sure I was legitimately doing backflips. That was surreal.

BV: Knowing that the album did so well in your homeland, have you placed any expectations on the record doing as well in the UK?

RÜFÜS: I guess we don’t have any crazy expectations about how the album will do overseas, which has kind of always been our standpoint. It’s like if something amazing happens, you really appreciate it, but you’re not setting yourselves up for disappointment by assuming it’s going to connect straight away. That said, we’ve been amazed by the response people have had so far in the UK to Desert Night + the remixes etc.

BV: You have recently announced that you will be going by the name RÜFÜS DU SOL in North America only. Why did you decide to use an alternate name in the States?

RÜFÜS: It was an extension on the vibe of the name RÜFÜS in being reminiscent of something foreign and exotic, and a decision we had to make so we could keep working in America + touring and playing for our fans. We’re happy with the result.

[youtube id=”atRKZIKBm7A” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: What’s the feeling within the band in terms of breaking into a new market given your incredible success in your homeland and essentially, doing it all over again (sort of)?

RÜFÜS: In some ways you really are starting again, in that you’re back to playing more intimate shows and starting to build momentum again. That said, it’s definitely been made far easier with the accessibility of social media and platforms like soundcloud which kind of break down any international barriers.

BV: Why should UK fans give Rufus a go? What do you think the band can bring to the UK scene that separates you from the rest?

RÜFÜS: Vibes, sunshine, cool breeze, 10/10 vibes.

BV: You both did all of the work that goes into the creation of a record – writing, recording and producing the collection. How important is it for you to have this creative freedom?

RÜFÜS: All three of us thrive on having that creative freedom and control. I guess we’re fans of the DIY mentality if you really want to get something done right. This mentality extends to the wider team that we’re working with too. Jon’s brother Alex devises and films all our film clips, we do all our artwork in house, etc……

BV: Has anyone given you any advice on the best way to break a big market like the UK or the U.S?

RÜFÜS: Not really, all we know is that we’re trying to get our music heard around the world which is the whole reason we’re touring internationally at the moment. It’s just about getting in front of people in different locations and showing everyone what we’re all about + bringing our vibe to them.

BV: With the launch of the band in the UK this year and the big festivals soon to be putting their line-up’s together, are there any plans to play at any of the UK festivals this year? Perhaps the main stage of Glastonbury?

RÜFÜS: Honestly, playing Glastonbury or any other iconic festival of that nature is a dream of ours. Can’t reveal any plans yet… soon…

BV: Are there any plans to take Atlas out on the road in the UK that you can tell us about?

RÜFÜS: We’re working on a live visual element that might make an appearance in the UK sometime later this year…

BV: Thanks for your time guys and good luck with the album release