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Interview: Olivia Lunny

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With hits under her belt in her Canadian homeland, rising pop starlet, Olivia Lunny is very quickly making a solid name for herself here in the UK thanks to singles like Sad To See You Happy, Timezone, Wonderland and Fix This proving to be some of the finest pop earworms of the last few years. Her talent hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the industry’s leading ladies with both Ellie Goulding and Eurovision winner Loreen enlisting Lunny to deliver support slots to their sold out UK and European tours that extend throughout the remainder of the year.

Currently making her way around the UK with Goulding and ahead of a sold out performance at London’s iconic Roundhouse in Camden, we were lucky enough to get some time with Lunny to talk about her rise in the pop world, her creative approach and touring with superstars. Here is what she had to tell us…

Brendon Veevers: Hi Olivia. How are you and where does this interview find you?

Olivia Lunny: Good Morning! I’m currently on the road driving to Birmingham. Its sunny out and the countryside is so scenic!

BV: Congratulations on the release of your new EP, Heartbreak On Repeat which came out on October 13 here in the UK. With a handful of singles and an album already under your belt, you are obviously no stranger to big releases but how are you celebrating this new collection of songs?

OL: I truly believe in divine timing because the EP came out at midnight when I was on a flight to Dublin to start the tour! Everyday so far has felt like a celebration. I’m so grateful to be opening for someone I’ve looked up to for as long as I can remember (Ellie Goulding) in tandem with releasing my EP!

BV: On social media you said about the collection: “Writing it helped me navigate the beautiful chaos these past 2 years have brought”. Can you tell us a little about the journey of this new EP and that beautiful chaos?

OL: Absolutely. Between playing shows abroad, moving to LA by myself and navigating long distance relationships, the past few years have been jam packed. Through the fast paced, ups and downs- I have felt an immense amount of growth within myself.

I’ve always drawn inspiration from my personal life and Heartbreak on Repeat is about exactly that. Beyond the romantic interpretation, “Heartbreak” for me in this sense is also about the feelings that come with leaving home, friendships etc.

BV: You were born in Canada and have earned a lot of recognition there as well as the US where you found yourself on the Top 40 for your single, Timezone. Hype is also really building here in the UK. When you are already so well-known in one market, is it hard to start from scratch when it comes to trying to break another?

OL: It’s definitely helpful having momentum in one market going into the next. I will say it’s a totally different vibe though. The UK audiences have been so lovely and the fans here go hard! I’ve been having so much fun meeting everyone after shows and building connections in each place I play. It always starts as a small group of people then next thing you know there are hundreds/thousands of people discovering the music!

BV: How have you found UK fans compared to those back home?

OL: Fans here show UP!! Everyone has been so excited for me and I feel so much love here its surreal.

BV: As a writer, would you say you draw on personal experiences or are you more an observational writer?

OL: Personal experiences 99% of the time. As a 24 year old navigating this career path and life, theres always so much inspiration in my life for me to write about!

BV: Watching your behind the scenes videos on Facebook or Instagram, you can tell that you are an artist that really does love to be involved in all aspects of the recording and producing process of your records. Would you say this is true?

OL: It 100% is! My first songs ever were centred around my lyrics/stories and a guitar. The only difference with my current songs is now I have incredible musicians and writers to collaborate with on the songs.

BV: Did you grow up in a musical family? What artists were you exposed to the most in your early years? I grew up listening to a very eclectic taste of music. From Fleetwood Mac to Eric Clapton to U2. My dad was the one who taught me guitar at the age of 12. He is a huge music fan and definitely gets to live vicariously though my growing career which is a dream come true.

BV: With becoming so successful and touring a lot or travelling to shot videos or do press, is it tough being away from family so much?

OL: I’m a very family oriented person so it definitely takes a toll on me being away from everyone. I’m extremely grateful however, that my parents and family are able to travel to visit me often which means the world to me.

BV: Who would you say in the music industry has had the most impact on your as a musician and why?

OL: I’ve been following Ed Sheeran since his earliest days. I’ve always admired his ability to story tell and convey profound lyrics regardless of the genre. His Singer-songwriter roots meet pop banger songs inspire me always. I love how authentic Ed is and I know that’s why his fanbase adores him as well. As I grow as an up and coming artist Ed is someone I will always look up to.

BV: Your self-titled debut album was released back in 2021. When can we expect a sophomore?

OL: I don’t want to give away too much but there is definitely an album in the works.. Stay tuned for more in 2024!!

BV: You are supporting a couple of very major pop stars over the next two months – Ellie Goulding at
Roundhouse tonight (Oct 24) as well as throughout Europe and then with Eurovision winner, Loreen
at Electric Brixton on 10th November before jetting through Europe with her. That’s quite an
exhausting schedule but how excited are you to be playing such amazing shows, venues and
alongside such incredible headliners?

OL: It’s truly surreal to say it out loud. It feels like such a dream to open for 2 artists I absolutely admire and look up to. Both Ellie and Loreen are such powerhouses and trailblazers. As an up and coming artist I feel so grateful to be able to connect with their incredible fanbases and open the shows!

BV: What do you enjoy most about live shows and being on stage?

OL: Seeing the faces of fans and people vibe out! We’re living in a social era and its so amazing to connect with people online, but nothing will ever beat how it feels to make eye contact with fans and truly share those magical moments,

BV: Thanks so much Olivia and best of luck with the EP and the tours!

OL: TY! All my luv!

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