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Interview: Mark Lowndes

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Having already wowed audiences during his time as a contestant on last years season of Australia’s Got Talent, Mark Lowndes has been busy with a pretty hectic touring schedule and several releases that have kept the musicians journey as a recording and touring artist on a steady incline.

Mark has recently wrapped up a successful tour of Europe and hot on the heels of the release of the singers brand new single, Far Away, a sentimental ode to the absence of a loved on and a track that showcases Marks finely tuned songwriting skills, RenownedForSound.com caught up with the musician to talk about his latest single, his time on Australia’s Got Talent and his upcoming EP, The Redress. Here is what Mark had to tell us:

Brendon Veevers: How are you Mark?

Mark Lowndes: Great thank you.

MarkLowndesFarAwayBV: You have recently release a new single called Far Away. Can you tell us a little about the track and the inspiration behind the single?

ML: The melody came to me when I walked home from a late night gig in Rockhampton when I realized my ride wasn’t coming to pick me up. Unfamiliar to the country town, I literally felt far away from my normal surroundings and landmarks. The single is about separation from someone or something you love a lot. For me it was my family.

BV: You will also soon be releasing an EP called The Redress. What can we expect from the release and when will the EP be release?

ML: I am really excited for The Redress its been 4 years in the making. Artistically I’ve pushed the envelope more than usual and at the same time trying to keep a rawness to it. I’m quite happy with the EP to be honest. It’ll be released October 11th this year with the launch at ‘The Loft’ in West End Brisbane.

BV: Are there any plans to put together a full length studio record?

ML: Yes there is. The content is there – it’s more the funding haha!

BV: You were described as the ‘Soul Man’ by Danni Minogue when you appeared as a contestant on last years season of Australia’s Got Talent. Can you talk to us about your influences and who inspired you, musically, to pursue a career as a recording and touring artist?

ML: That was a big call! I would have to say Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley are the main two musical influences.

BV: What are you fondest memories of taking part in Australia’s Got Talent?

ML: Having my family with me in the first round, especially my sons. I want them to be a part of what I do. (They are a massive reason why I do what I do).

BV: What do you think you took away from taking part in the reality talent show that you could credit to your artistic growth?

ML: Be yourself and follow your heart when it comes to your craft.

BV: Do you still keep in touch with fellow contestants of the show?

ML: Yes, mainly Owen Campbell. He’s a champ!

BV: Aside from your recording and touring career you are also heavily involved in workshops throughout Queensland, working with youth organizations in Australia. What was it that inspired you to get involved in this and can you talk us through your work in this area?

ML: I’ve always believed to use the gift for the good. There were plenty of high school students asking me to jam with them and sing with them, so I thought why not set up workshops for everyone.  It just made sense.

BV: You recently completed a European tour. How was that?

ML: I love Europe. Creatively it was just a whole new realm with so much inspiration around you  to draw from. The shows were a success and the feedback was great.

BV: How do the fans in Europe differ to your homegrown fan-base?

ML: They were great, very appreciative too. Regardless of the weather, they still came out to see live music. It was a great vibe.

[youtube id=”CsWSbxpbq1k” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: Is there a plan of world domination on the cards or are your long-terms plans a little more low-key?

ML: The plan has always been to take the music to the world. With live performances I think I would be more low key though.

BV: Will you be taking to the road this year and if so, where can fans keep up with tour dates and what you are getting up to?

ML: I do plan to hit the road this year to promote the new EP. My Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/marklowndesmusic) and website (www.marklowndes.com) will have all the details, dates etc.

BV: In your live shows you seem to look quite at home with both the backing of a live band or just you and your guitar on stage. Do you have a preference and if so, why?

ML: I’m very comfortable on my own, just incase I decide to change something on the spot (I don’t need to tell anyone/the band). But again the band is always fun.

BV: What else is do you have planned throughout 2013 that fans should know about?

ML: I’m delving into some side projects that I’ve always wanted to do.  I’ll be putting them online this year. Just enjoying what I’m doing – stay posted.

BV: Thanks for your time Mark

ML: Thanks Brendon