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Interview: Lisa Stansfield

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Lisa Stansfield is one of the most celebrated and cherished British artists of the past 30 years. Together with a timeless catalogue of hits led by her international chart topper, All Around The World, the Soul songbird has also gathered numerous awards along the way including multiple BRIT, Silver Clef and Ivor Novello awards as well as a Grammy Award nomination for her efforts. Lisa was also an notable addition to the line-up at the famous Freddy Mercury tribute concert at Wembley Stadium in April 1992 where she performed alongside Queen, George Michael and a string of music’s most elite artists.

Having taken a break from recording over the past decade, this week sees the release of Seven, the brand new studio album from Lisa Stansfield and we were given the opportunity to speak with the legendary musician about the latest addition to her catalogue and her 30+ year career in music. Here is what she had to tell us…

Brendon Veevers: Hi Lisa. How are you and where does our interview find you today?

Lisa Stansfield: Hi! I’m in London today doing lots of press interviews.

Lisa Stansfield - SevenBV: You are about to release Seven, your first album in a decade. Firstly, how are you feeling with the release date quickly approaching?

LS: I’m very excited and very nervous.

BV: Do you have any plans to celebrate the release of Seven?

LS: None as yet, lets see what happens first!

BV: Can you tell us a little about the album and the inspiration behind the new collection of songs that you have offered us?

LS: I find my inspiration from lots of sources, friends, people around me, snippets of overheard conversations, stories I hear.

BV: It’s been ten years since your last studio album, 2004’s The Moment. What have you been up to over the last ten years?

LS: Acting, writing songs and enjoying myself!

BV: What about 2014 made you feel that it was the right time for you to launch a comeback?

LS: It’s feels like the right time for me, I wasn’t sure where I fitted in before.

BV: Were there any reservations about going back into the studio to put down a new album?

LS: No, we were ready and very excited.

[youtube id=”amAWwxs_1Ro” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: Seven has been described as a collection boasting a “theme of love and relationships”. Have the songs been written from personal experiences or more from an observational standpoint?

LS: A combination I would say, I’ve been with my husband Ian for 25 years so I’m very lucky and not tortured in that way.

BV: What have you missed the most about creating new records over the past 10 years?

LS: Well as I say I’ve been writing and working so have felt fulfilled in other ways.

BV: The industry has changed dramatically over the past decade since the release of your last album. Did you encounter any challenges during the creation of Seven in terms of getting to grips with new technology and understanding the way the music industry operates these days?

LS: Yes all the terminology has changed, lots of new jargon, plus the mode of releasing, it’s been a lot to get our heads round!

BV: Would you say that you are a perfectionist when it comes to putting a record down or do you head into the studio with a ‘go with the flow’ attitude?

LS: I’m a perfectionist who goes with the flow!

BV: Do you have any favourites on the record? Any songs that stand out on a personal level more than others?

LS: It’s hard to say, it’s like being asked to pick your favourite child.

BV: Who do you think is doing great things in music these days? Are there any acts that are shining brighter than others on your radar?

LS: Adele, Emile Sande, John Newman, there a lots of great artists around at the moment.

[youtube id=”JVuuatjHGnY” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: Of all you professional achievements over the years, what would you say stands out the most for you and why?

LS: The obvious answer is All Around the World but there are lots of things, the awards I’ve won have been lovely, certain shows like the Freddie Mercury tribute.

BV: Having been a very successful songwriter, musician and performer for over 30 years, what would you say has been the key to your longevity in music?

LS: I think staying as true to myself musically as I could, I love doing what I do, it’s my passion and I hope I convey that in my music.

BV: Will you be taking the new collection on the road throughout 2014?

LS: Yes we’re touring Europe in May and hopefully some festivals this summer and UK dates later in the year.

BV: Thanks so much for your time Lisa.

LS: Lovely to talk to you, thank you.

Lisa Stansfield’s new studio album Seven is out now.

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